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‘Black Lightning’ Preview ‘Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder’

This week, Black Lightning will return and judging by this week’s preview it is going to be quite an exciting and thrilling episode. Not only is Anissa now suiting up and investigating things on her own, without her fathers knowledge, the secret life of Gambi looks like it may be getting more insight.

I’ve found myself frequently asking the question: What is Gambi hiding?

There is definitely more to this tale than meets the eye, and I am excited to finally get to the bottom of it all.

Check out the preview and synopsis below for this week’s upcoming episode ‘Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder’:


Jefferson (Cress Williams) hunts for his father’s murderer while Anissa (Nafessa Williams) takes advantage of her new powers to right a wrong following a failed protest. Meanwhile, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) struggles with hard decisions.


‘Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder’ will air when Black Lightning returns on Tuesday, February 27th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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