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‘Batwoman’ Recap: ‘An Un-Birthday Present’

An Un-Birthday Present is probably my favorite episode of Batwoman so far, and I don’t say that lightly. Just last week I was complaining about the lack of fallout from the Crisis crossover event and already Batwoman is rectifying this. Something else that helped this week, I think, is how focused this episode was. Instead of splitting the story across different plot threads it all focused and revolved around one. Let’s go over what happened now, shall we?

The episode picks up where last week’s left off, with a very distraught, confused Kate choking her fake sister. This is the part where I give a shoutout to Rachel Skarsten for portraying two very different versions of Beth. I’d also like to mention I feel like her portrayal of Alice has only been getting stronger.

It turns out this Beth really is from an alternate universe, one where Kate pulled her out of the car crash. She looks up to Kate as a hero and has no idea what’s going on, but feels like she’s losing her mind.

It isn’t too long before it’s revealed that Alice has a plan to get out. A couple of high-profile Gotham citizens are kidnapped in an attempt to force Sophie to free Alice, and when it looks like that won’t work Mouse goes to the trouble of kidnapping Kate too. With no other options remaining, they have Beth dress up as Alice to get Kate freed but Mouse picks up on it right away. Alice still manages to escape, though, thanks in part to Sophie.

As we all suspected though, Kate saves the day and thankfully it looks like this version of Beth is here to stay… until she collapses from a sudden headache just as the Earth-Prime Alice does as well.

Throughout this episode, we also get flashbacks to some of the horrors Alice endured. It’s bringing depth to a character who was sorely lacking it and we’re lucky that it’s coming before it’s too late to really make progress on exploring her character. Alice went through a truly horrible ordeal with her captivity. We even get to see the moment where her mind finally snaps.

More concerning is Jacob’s growing obsession with killing Alice.

all-in-all An Un-Birthday Present was a pretty great Batwoman episode.

I gotta say if Batwoman keeps up this sudden momentum it could become the best of the Arrowverse shows. I’m looking forward to seeing how they resolve this Beth issue. It’s a shame we have to wait a week to find out.

Curious about what happened last week? Check out the recap for last week’s episode here.

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