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The CW is Developing a Batwoman TV Series

Published on July 21st, 2018 | Updated on July 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

It was only yesterday that The CW announced the Arrowverse crossover event in December, where Batwoman will join the team of villains to save the earth (or at least one of the planets that have the name ‘earth’).

Variety has now learned that The CW is working on a new TV show that’ll also be in line with the Arrowverse. Can you guess it already? If you guessed Batwoman, then congratulations! You got it right! The series is already in development and should it get past the Batwoman pilot; it will debut in 2019. It was only the right time to announce that they are working on a Batwoman series after the announcement Stephen Amell made about fighting alongside Batwoman.

What’s so cool about this announcement is that Variety got an extra explanation about how Kate Kane’s (also known as our soon to be Batwoman) life will look like as our openly lesbian villain. She has a ‘passion for justice’ and is a badass trained street fighter that is ready to kick some ass on our screen. It seems for this show that they want to go the Arrow way, where she won’t be called a hero yet, but a vigilante.

According to Variety, Caroline Dries is the executive producer and the writer behind the TV show. She’s known for a lot of work she did for The CW, like for The Vampire Diaries where Carlone Dries wrote and produced the show, and she also worked as a writer on Smallville starring Tom Welling.

Geoff Johns, the person that stepped down as the head of the DC Entertainment company, will also be executive producing through his Mad Ghost Productions label.

It’s no secret that The CW is doing everything in its power to keep having their viewers tune in to their shows. So far they’re succeeding, as they are one of the only networks that have such a diversity in their shows.

What do you think of The CW making a Batwoman show? And who do you think they’ll cast for Batwoman? Let us know in the comments below.

The CW crossover event will air in December.



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