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Ashton Kutcher Brings Ellen to Tears with Massive Charity Donation

When Ashton Kutcher dropped by The Ellen Show unannounced, host Ellen DeGeneres thought maybe she was getting Punk’d. Kutcher wasn’t a scheduled guest and, as Ellen told her audience, she had no idea who was actually waiting backstage for her when she was told by her producers that she had a surprise visitor.

Kutcher ambushed Ellen along with his business investment partner Guy Oseary and initially began talking about a new tech company they’ve recently invested in called Ripple. Ripple prides themselves on being an ethical company who strives to give back as much as they can to others who are doing good in the world. When Kutcher learned about the company’s ethical initiative, he knew exactly what he had to do.

Kutcher told a story about how Ellen once told him if she wasn’t hosting her own talk show, she would devote all of her time to her wildlife charity work with The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund while saving endangered gorillas. What Kutcher said next completely and totally shocked Ellen and her audience. He said:

[row]“We talked to Chris and Brad (executives at Ripple) and we said, ‘There’s this amazing human being and all they ever do is think about other people they can give to, whether it’s in New Orleans, whether it’s in Montecito, whether it’s the people that come here, the people out there, you’re always thinking about everyone else and we wanted to show you that people are thinking about you. So, on behalf of Ripple, we’d like to give you four million dollars.”[/row]

Needless to say, Ellen fought back gracious tears of joy at the incredibly generous gesture. Kutcher then used the Ripple program to transfer the money to Ellen’s charity right there, on the spot.

If you need some “feel good” vibes today, definitely check out the video below of how the whole thing went down: