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‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Supergirl’ Latest Seasons NOW on Netflix

A few weeks ago, fans of the DC show Legends of Tomorrow who were a bit on the behind when it came to this past season were full of glee when the show became immediately available on Netflix shortly after its season finale. Now, it’s sister shows are also available thanks to a deal made earlier this year between The CW and Netflix!

The agreement enables viewers to have the ability to stream the shows 8 days after each season finale.

At the beginning of this month, Netflix brought on Supergirl season 2, The Flash season 3, and Arrow season 5, all of which wrapped up on The CW the last week of May. One cool thing about this is that if you missed the 4-night crossover episode, titled ‘Invasion!’, you can binge watch them all at once!

This agreement isn’t just for our ‘super’ shows! You can now also watch the 3 new CW series, FrequencyNo Tomorrow, Riverdale on Netflix as well. How exciting!!

If you’ve missed any of these latest seasons, be sure to head to Netflix and check it out; your favorite shows are waiting for you!

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