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The ‘Arrowverse’ needs to bring back Constantine, and here’s why!

Published on July 5th, 2017 | Updated on July 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

We may still be months away from seeing the premiere of Arrow Season 6, but our hearts and minds have been racing since the drastic Season 5 finale. Aside from the obvious question of ‘Who died?’ or ‘Is Oliver going to be a single dad now?’, a major question that has been circling the surface is ‘Who are we getting next season?’

Aside from some ‘big bad’ predictions, hopes and dreams, we are also wondering what other good guys will be coming to the show. Now that Rory (Ragman) has been gone from Team Arrow for quite some time and Evelyn betrayed them for Prometheus, it is only a matter of time before Oliver needs to reach out and find some new teammates… or maybe…bring back some new ones!

If there is one character (or hero, you could call him) that we would love to see come back to Arrow or just the Arrowverse in general it would be one person for sure; John Constantine.

My name is John Constantine. I am the one who steps on the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I’ll drive your demons away, kick ’em in the bollocks, and spit on them when they’re down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone because, let’s be honest… who would be crazy enough to walk it with me?

—John Constantine

After having his own show cancelled by CBS, Constantine was introduced to us in Arrow in Season 4. His cameo was absolutely perfect, and it definitely left us wanting more of the master of the dark arts.

If there is absolutely one thing I am sure about in regards to this character, it is that he is amazing… and he needs to come back to the Arrowverse. Here’s why:

  • Justice League Dark: Having Constantine on the show could open up several opportunities, including the introduction of the Justice League Dark. Arrow introduced us to the Suicide Squad team, and Legends of Tomorrow introduced us to the Justice Society of America. It would be really cool to see the introduction of the Justice League Dark, where not only would we get to see Constantine but also other members like Zatanna and Swamp Thing.
  • Mysticism: Arrow has been no stranger to the magical and mystical verse, considering Damian Darhk was the big bad in Season 4. However, Damian Darhk’s magic has a different feeling compared to that of Constantine’s. Constantine is more than just ‘Hey I’m gonna choke you out or suck the life out of you’ type of magic. Constantine has a way of magic the magic more eerie, powerful and realistic. With his Latin chanting and flames, he could easily help Oliver instill fear into his enemies.
  • Entertainment and Excitement: Constantine really shook things up on Arrow when he made his cameo, and it was quite comedic at that. Most of the characters in the Arrowverse have the same ‘I’ve done stuff that I regret so I need to redeem myself’ attitude. Regardless of whether or not Constantine feels that way, he displays this playful and humorous side that the Arrowverse needs. I mean we love Ray Palmer’s jokes, but some Constantine in the mix would be awesome! Also, Matt Ryan is just awesome.

Even if the writers weren’t able to per say fit Constantine into the show Arrow, perhaps he could make his appearance in one of the other shows. The Flash has seen some pretty crazy characters, including Gorilla Grodd and King Shark and Legends of Tomorrow well… pretty much anyone can appear there.

So let us raise our glasses and propose a toast to Constantine’s return, my friends!


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