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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘We Fall’

I have to say that this episode has probably been my favorite all season so far. It contained the perfect balance of everything, and I found myself falling in love with all aspects of it!

‘We Fall’ started off with a city councilman, a hospital doctor and nurse and Captain Pike all going through their day as if it were any ordinary day. However, as soon as the clocks struck 7:00 AM, chaos ensued. Anything that was connected to the internet, immediately began failing. The city councilman’s brakes failed, sending him to a deadly crash. The hospital nurse, who was adjusting some equipment, found himself electrocuted. Captain Pike, who was in the elevator, found himself also getting electrocuted along with five other people that were in the elevator with him.

'Arrow' Recap 'We Fall'
Image: The CW

Back at Oliver’s, Oliver and William spent some time aiming their toy bow and arrows at some soda cans. When Oliver keeps missing, William jokes that it is probably because he is out of practice since Oliver hasn’t been the Green Arrow. Felicity walked in, and William asked her to look over his extra credit before telling them that his school was going to a field trip that day; out of the city.

Felicity’s tablet goes off, and she informed him about the councilmen, the hospital workers and the people in the elevator. Oliver got a call from Lance, learning that Captain Pike was among the casualties. Oliver immediately called for a meeting with Lance and Thea.

Felicity headed back to the Arrow Cave, where she met up with Diggle. When Oliver called for a status update, she informed him that it was probably Cayden James behind the attacks, since it was all connected to the internet. Diggle suggests that they inform Rene, Dinah and Curtis even though they are two separate teams now. She does so, and shortly getting after the phone with her, Curtis notices that his T-Sphere starts going off. Dinah states that the last time she saw the T-Sphere acting like that was when they tracked Vigilante. Rene suggests that maybe they set a trap for him instead of him trapping them.

Oliver met with Lance and Thea and they all agreed that they needed to set up safe zones around the city free from electronic devices and off the grid.

While out in the field searching for Vigilante, Curtis’ comms start breaking up. Vincent approached him, stating that Cayden is also his target and that he has information for him. He also told Curtis he tried to tell Dinah previously, but she didn’t give him the chance. His plan is to take down Cayden from the inside. He then tells Curtis to head to the subway station in an hour, as he will have the opportunity to save people.

'Arrow' Recap 'We Fall'
Image: The CW

At City Hall, Oliver tells his staff about the councilman’s death. His assistant told him that is 10AM is there, and it winds up being Cayden James. He told Oliver that either he wires Cayden $10 million every night by 11:30 ‘until further notice’ or he will continue his killing spree. He then told Oliver that his reasoning for doing what he was doing, was because Oliver missed his target a year ago in Star City and his arrow accidentally killed Cayden’s son.

Oliver headed down to the Arrow Cave and walked in as Felicity told Diggle that she was blaming herself for Cayden’s attacks. Back when he and Black Siren attempted to blow up the internet, by not allowing him to do so she essentially gave him time to plant a virus in the system and therefore causing all the attacks. Diggle told her not to blame herself. Oliver informed his teammates Cayden’s motives, which he stated were impossible because Oliver was in Hub City recruiting Dinah a year ago.

Felicity discovered that one of Cayden’s plots involves destroying the subway out of the city, where William’s bus is headed. As Diggle suits up in his new suit that was designed by Cisco, they agreed to head out together to save William.

Meanwhile, elsewhere Dinah, Curtis and Rene stop the two subways from colliding by Dinah using her Canary Cry.

In the tunnel, William attempted to lead his fellow students off the bus as the gas lines starting exploding and causing fires. A sign falls down, and William winds up getting trapped between the sign and the bus. As Diggle helps the rest of the pedestrians out, William finds William and rescues him.

'Arrow' Recap 'We Fall'
Image: The CW

Back at the Arrow Cave, William states that he’s extremely hurt that Oliver has started suiting up as The Green Arrow once more.

Oliver heads out to meet with Thea and Lance, only to learn that no one is showing up to the safe zones. Lance suggests they send the cops out to protect the city, but Oliver disagrees and tells them to stay put. He then headed to City Hall and gave a press conference, informing people about the safe zones. He then spoke to Cayden James directly, stating that the city had been through worse than him.

Cayden, who was watching the news turns to see Richard Dragon and Vigilante. He told them it was time to start the next phase.

Curtis told Dinah and Rene that he feels they should work alongside Vincent, as it gives them an advantage. Dinah warns them that Vincent has a tendency to get deep into his missions, and forget ‘which side he is playing for’.

While suiting up for Cayden’s next attack, Vincent uses his old visor to send a Morse code message to one of Curtis’ T-Sphere’s – Oak Street, where one of Oliver’s safe zones is. They head out, and inform Oliver and his crew of what was going on.

At the safe zone, a fight immediately broke out at the two teams joined forces together once more. At one point, Rene was about to get shot in the back of the head but Vigilante takes out the bad guy; proving that he is willing to help out Team Arrow.

'Arrow' Recap 'We Fall'
Image: The CW

While Team Arrow is out on the field, William watches on the computer screen. He and Felicity shared a heart to heart about what Oliver was doing, and Felicity told him that Oliver was doing it for a good reason; the city needed him. William even admits that what his dad was doing was ‘pretty badass’.

After the fight, Rene states that nothing has changed and the teams go their separate ways.

Back at Oliver’s place, Oliver gathered William and Felicity and put everything out in the open. He apologized for lying to William and told William that if he wanted Oliver to stop, he would for good. William said that he was okay with him being the Green Arrow, now that he had Felicity in his life.

Oliver headed to city hall, where he met with Thea. There, he asked her to transfer the money into Cayden’s account.



Arrow will return on Thursday, February 1st at 9PM/EST.


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