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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Brothers in Arms’

If there is one thing that breaks my heart in regards to my favorite TV Series (aside from a character death) it is when two characters that I have grown to love find themselves at odds, resulting in a heartbreaking battle. In this case, that being Oliver Queen and John Diggle – who have been like brothers since Season One. Also, the seeing the departure of another character has truly left me broken. 🙁

'Arrow' Recap 'Brothers in Arms'
Image: The CW

‘Brothers In Arms’ begins with Dinah leading her most trusted officers to secure Ricardo Diaz and Anatoly. With the help of Oliver and Diggle on the sidelines, they manage to take them down and bring them in under arrest. Dinah allows Oliver to speak to Anatoly as Mayor for a few minutes. As he does, he learns that Diaz has numerous members of city leadership on his payroll even outside the police department. As they speak, Lance comes in and informs Oliver that the DA is dropping all charges against Anatoly and his men.


Back the the Arrow Cave, Diggle asks Oliver about donning the Green Arrow hood again. Oliver tells him that he’s not giving it up. Diggle heads out to get intel on Diaz and the Vertigo trade chain from Lyla, where he confides in her how he feels about Oliver and the Green Arrow hood. Elsewhere, Diaz and Anatoly track down and kill one of the officers who arrested Anatoly in cold blood. The murder is broadcasted all over Star City, stating that there are no leads. However, Team Arrow and Dinah and Curtis both come to the conclusion that Diaz was responsible. Oliver brings in Captain Hill and the DA and asks them why they work with Diaz. They both had extenuating family circumstances that required a lot of cash. Oliver, though sympathetic, fires them both.

'Arrow' Recap 'Brothers in Arms'
Image: The CW

Oliver goes back to the Arrow Cave and speaks with Diggle about his decision to wear the Green Hood. Oliver apologizes for misleading Diggle, but then tells him that being the Green Arrow makes him feel like his best version of himself. Diggle accepts the apology, and all seems fine between the two. Felicity gets a location on one of Diaz’s primary Vertigo dealers. They suit up together, and confront him. Diggle goes a bit overboard with the interrogation, angering Oliver. When they head back to the HQ, Diggle yelled at Oliver and stated that Oliver never backs anyone’s plays unless they are his own. He then heads out to speak with Lyla about his argument with Oliver. Elsewhere, Diaz visits Black Siren at her and Lance’s home and brings her dinner.

After speaking with Lyla, Diggle heads back to Oliver. He tells Oliver that he realized his frustrations were never with the hood. Rather, he was frustrated with Oliver. Diggle states that putting the team under surveillance was wrong, and the reason they broke up was because of Oliver. He then states that everywhere Oliver goes, a trail of bodies follow. After Oliver brings up the fact that Diggle killed his own brother, the two started fighting and it continued until Felicity split them apart. She then mentions she has a location on Diggle’s new vertigo operation. The two apologize and head out, suited up.

 At a separate location, Curtis and Dinah try to figure out which cops are corrupt and which are good. As they talk, Diaz’s officers get a lock on their location. One of them shoots Curtis, but he was okay. Dinah uses her Black Canary powers to create a hole in the wall to escape. Oliver and Diggle head back to the HQ, where Diggle apologizes once more. He then also breaks the news to Oliver and Felicity, that he is no longer a member of the team. He then meets up with Lyla and agrees to join the ARGUS team.

In closing, Oliver turns on the TV to find the DA is trying to pursue an obstruction of justice charge against Oliver claiming that he is the Green Arrow. We then see Black Siren meeting with Diaz, who tells him that she has no intention on changing who she really is.


Arrow will return on Thursday, April 12th at 9PM/EST on The CW.