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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘All For Nothing’

Tonight’s episode of Arrow is yet another episode that absolutely delivered all that it promised. Every single minute of it was absolutely suspenseful, and it set us up with a perfect cliffhanger for next week. Although I must confess, this episode contained an unexpected heartbreak as we lost a character we’ve grown quite close to over the past few weeks.

‘All For Nothing’ kicked off with Oliver walking side by side with members with the SCPD, including now the now Captain Hill, attempting to strategize a way to finally defeat Cayden James. Dinah and Captain Hill informed Oliver that they had a strong belief that Cayden James was monitoring all traffic going in and out of the city, so it was impossible for them to get outside help without Cayden setting off his bomb.

'Arrow' Recap 'All For Nothing'
Image: The CW

During their discussion, an ARGUS agent surfaced from the lake and approached Oliver. As he made conversation with Oliver, his communications starting fizzing, which resulted in him and all the other ARGUS agents in the lake getting electrocuted.

At City Hall, Oliver asked Thea to transfer another $10 million – totaling $70 million that Star City had paid to Cayden James so far. Thea informed Oliver that the eight day stronghold on Star City was starting to cause a shortage of supplies and people were going to start panicking soon.

Elsewhere, Dinah met with Vigilante and the two of them talked about the situation with the ARGUS agents. He stated he didn’t know about the attack on the agents, and asked Dinah if she believed him. Rather than responding, she kissed him.

In a flashback sequence from five years ago in Central City, we saw Captain Singh introduce Vincent to Dinah for the very first time; in which they prepared for their undercover mission against Sonus.

Cayden called a meeting with his crew, where he stated that he didn’t like surprises. Vincent asked Cayden if he was questioning his loyalty, to which Cayden responded that if he believed Vincent to be a traitor then he would not be alive.

Oliver headed down to the Arrow Cave, where he met up with Felicity. He told her that William and Raisa were safe at an ARGUS safe house. Felicity told him that even though all hope seemed lost, Star City had dealt with terrorists before and they would eventually put Cayden away.

'Arrow' Recap 'All For Nothing'
Image: The CW

She then told Oliver that she was looking forward to finally going on their honeymoon, in Aruba. Her tracker started going off, picking up a signal on Vigilante. Oliver asked Felicity to text Diggle, and to meet him at the location. There, Oliver and Diggle confronted Vincent where he stated ‘he couldn’t blow his cover’. Just as Oliver was about to shoot him, Curtis and Rene ran out and informed him that Vincent was on their side and he was working undercover with Cayden James.

The two ‘teams’ converged, with Vincent. Oliver asked Vincent if he was really working undercover to bring down Cayden James, why did he not just lead them right to Cayden. Vincent stated that if he were to just lead Oliver right to it, then Cayden would detonate the thermobaric bomb and it would completely destroy the city. Oliver asked to speak with Vincent privately, where he told him that he didn’t completely trust him. Felicity interrupted their conversation and told the pair that since Vincent was on their side, he could help save the city by going into Cayden’s hideout and downloading information on Cayden’s weaponry. The only problem was that he was going to have to pull data from the server itself.

At City Hall, Lance told Thea that Earth-2 Laurel had been following him as of late but she disappeared anytime he turned around. He stated he believed they made a connection, and she was hoping to reach out to him.

In another flashback, Vincent and Dinah met with Sonus and his men on an undercover assignment.

At the Arrow Cave, the two teams stood together and monitored Vincent’s progress. As Vincent started to download information off of the server, Cayden walked in and asked him what he was doing there… his specialty was in guns and not in technology. As Cayden began questioning him, Felicity fed Vincent some lines about technology through his comms so that his cover would not be blown. As he talked to Cayden, the file transfer completed. As Vincent headed outside the building, he managed to transmit the files to Felicity. However, he was made by Cayden and Anatoly who called him a traitor and took him out with a stun gun.

'Arrow' Recap 'All For Nothing'
Image: The CW

Dinah grows concerned after not hearing from Vincent for a few hours, and Oliver tried to assure her that he would be okay. Unfortunately, that was not the case. At Cayden’s hideout, he ordered Dragon to start torturing Vincent with his knife. When Dragon cut him, Vincent’s regenerative capabilities healed him revealing to Cayden that he was indeed a meta. Cayden and Dragon left the room, leaving Anatoly to torture him.

Elsewhere, Thea helped Lance track down Black Siren. He lured her into a room where he finally confronted her, asking her to just stay and hear what he had to say. He showed her photos of Laurel, saying that he had hope that she was really a hero. She grew overwhelmed and upset, stating that she was not Laurel and then used her sonic scream to destroy the photos.

Felicity managed to get a lock on the location where the hydrogren bomb was. Surprisingly, Felicity’s old friend Alena from Helix was there with them now also. As the team made to dispatch, they suddenly heard Vincent screaming in pain over the comms. Dinah tells him that they need to save Vincent, but Oliver insisted on them going after the hydrogen bomb. A brief confrontation ensued between Dinah and Oliver, which resulted in Dinah walking out with Curtis and Rene.

As Dinah, Curtis and Rene gathered at Cayden’s hideout to save Vincent, Oliver and Diggle headed to the warehouse where the bomb was supposedly located. As they opened the door, they saw that rather than the hydrogren bomb being there, a small bomb was placed with a group of hostages. Oliver disarms the bomb, and then heads off to get Anatoly while Diggle handled the civilians.

After beating up the bodyguards, Dinah finally found Vincent. The two reunited for a brief moment, and then an explosion occurred at the wall next to them. Dinah got caught under the rubble, with Vincent not too far away from her. He attempted to help her, but Cayden and Black Siren arrived on scene. Black Siren used her scream on him, causing Vincent to fly back and get stuck on a protruding pipe. Cayden ordered Black Siren to kill him, to which she hesitated at first. Cayden looked at her and told her that he better not be questioning her loyalty to him.

'Arrow' Recap 'All For Nothing'
Image: The CW

She eventually walked over and used her sonic scream point blank at his ear, killing him. Curtis and Rene rushed in and freed Dinah, who immediately ran over to Vincent but it was too late.

At Helix, Curtis and Rene attempted to comfort Dinah who was extremely distraught at losing Vincent all over again. Curtis told Dinah that Oliver and Diggle could not locate the bomb, and that the location was a dud. Dinah, enraged, stated that Vincent died for nothing.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity informed Oliver and Diggle about the passing of Vincent. She then also showed them the data that she and Alena uncovered. They found the murder of Cayden’s son on tape, and began working on a solution to figure out who could possibly be trying to frame Oliver for the death of Cayden’s son. More than likely, it was the same person who altered the phony photo of Oliver unmasking as the Green Arrow.

At City Hall, Thea walked in on Lance looking through scrapbooks of Laurel and she told him that Black Siren was the one who killed Vincent.

The episode ended with Oliver going to talk to Dinah. He told her that it turned out Vincent did not die for nothing, as they found a lot of data that could turn out to be useful. Dinah began growing more and more angry, swearing vengeance on Vincent’s name. She stated that she was going to kill every last one of Cayden’s people…. starting with Laurel.

Arrow will return on Thursday February 8th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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