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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Unmasked’

Published on December 4th, 2018 | Updated on December 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

If there is one thing last night’s episode of Arrow left me with, it is certainly a lot of questions… in a good way! This episode was a perfect set up for a cliffhanger for not only the crossover episode, but for the rest of the season also.

‘Unmasked’ started with a woman, with an arrow tattoo, doing a workout very similar to the ones that Oliver does. At the end of her workout, she turned on the TV to see the announcement that Oliver is returning to Star City. After hearing this she suits up, revealing that she is the new Green Arrow.

In a flash forward sequence, William and the group head to an underground fighting rink and speak with Blackstar, who is a Lady Ring Fighter.

Elsewhere, Oliver and his team gather for a dinner with a theme for ‘inmate rights’, where Oliver was asked to be a guest speaker. During the dinner, Oliver ran into Max Fuller. Max Fuller was a former classmate of Olivers, who we recognized as Oliver’s rival nightclub owner from Season 1. Oliver then got up on stage to give a speech about his experience in prison, when someone began firing arrows at members on stage – killing one of the men.

After scrubbing through the footage and analyzing the arrows, the discovered that the attacker was targeting Clayton Ford, a man who donated a lot of money to the people of the Glades. Rene then attempted to introduce Oliver and Dinah to the new Green Arrow, in an attempt to seek help and inform the new vigilante that someone was trying to pin the murders on him, but they fled when Oliver attempted to start a conversation.

After reviewing the police files from Dinah, Oliver connects the two victims to Max Fuller, so he headed out and spoke with him about the murders. Fuller told Oliver that there were rumors of the two victims having some connections with the Triads, which was probably what got them killed. After Oliver arrived home with Felicity, Felicity realized that the security alarm didn’t go off. Moments later, they were attacked by a person wielding a bow and arrow. After Oliver took down the intruder, Felicity shot him in the shoulder. They learned that the mans name was Frank Cassady, a hired assassin. Oliver took note of the fact that he carried a USB on him, similar to the one that Max Fuller used to pay using cryptocurrency.

Rene and Dinah convince Oliver to suit up as the Green Arrow, unmasked, to take down Fuller. After getting the suit from Diggle, Oliver enters Max’s nightclub and takes out all of the hired hands. He then confronts Max, with Dinah by his side and together they arrest Max Fuller.

At the police station, the Mayor attempted to have Oliver arrested for violating the anti-vigilante law. Dinah stated that Oliver was now officially an employee of the Star City Police Department, so the law didn’t apply to him.

Elsewhere, Lyla and Diggle arrived at Slabside to ask Ricardo Diaz for his help on a case.

The episode ended with the woman, the new Green Arrow, at the grave of Robert Queen – where she calls him ‘dad’. Meaning, the new Green Arrow is Oliver’s sister.


Arrow will return on Monday, December 10th at 8PM/EST on The CW.



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