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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Training Day’

Published on March 12th, 2019 | Updated on March 12th, 2019 | By FanFest

Last night’s episode was a filler the season absolutely needed! It was nice after all these years to see the SCPD and Team Arrow work together to take down a crime syndicate; seriously, it took a good what… 5 years?

While Team Arrow found themselves receiving SCPD police training, a new crime syndicate was on the rise and began testing new chemical weapons and drugs on rival gangs and innocent people – which ultimately resulted in their deaths. After receiving word of these killings, the SCPD was mobilized with their newly deputized vigilantes. Mayor Pollard stated that as long as they were deputized under the department, they were not to wear their vigilante attire – so instead she gave them SCPD SWAT gear.

The team headed out into the field, after Felicity ‘legally’ gained some intel and were ready to bust on a weapons/chemical deal. Oliver wound up getting into a fight with the lead sergeant on duty about how to handle the situation, stating that they did not have enough men and women in the field to handle the situation properly. A fight broke out between the crime syndicate members, the SCPD and Team Arrow – which resulted in the bad guys getting away after Dinah attempted to use her Canary Cry and it didn’t work due to her previous injury. After heading back to the precinct, Oliver once again got into a confrontation with both Dinah and the Sergeant on duty about protocols.

In a flash forward sequence, Mia and William met with a man named Felix and acquired from him a microcassette player so that they could play a recording for them that Felicity had left behind.

At Slabside, Black Siren met with Bronze Tiger. He informed her that Ricardo Diaz had been murdered, and that Slabside was attempting to cover it up. He agrees to tell Black Siren who the killer is, but first she must bring him his son to visit him in his cell, not in the visitors room.

Team Arrow figures out that the chemical compound contains Mustard Gas, which in some cases can be used for medicinal purposes like chemotherapy. The figure out that the products are traced back to Midas Medical, which is headed up by James Midas. Dinah told Oliver that they needed to do things the SCPD way and get a warrant before making a move on Midas. Oliver headed out to Midas Medical and confronted Midas, and managed to force the confession out of him by threatening him the Green Arrow way. After doing so, Oliver placed him under arrest. Although Midas did wind up confessing to using the chlormethine to make the bullets – the SCPD was unable to hold him on the charges on account of the fact that he was not brought in legally.

Oliver insisted that the ‘how’ shouldn’t matter, because they got the confession they needed. This led to a confrontation between Oliver, Dinah and Mayor Pollard.

At Slabside, after being reunited with his son, Bronze Tiger informed Black Siren that the ‘new’ Green Arrow was the one who murdered Diaz.

Oliver and Felicity met with Diggle in the newly restored Team Arrow lair. There, they not only told Diggle they planned on suiting up as Vigilante’s once more but they also let Diggle know the news of Felicity’s pregnancy. Following that meeting, the entire team assembled in the lair and after apologizing to each other – they agreed to suit up and head out as a team once more. Felicity then was able to track Midas through his DNA, using legal means.

Dinah let Oliver and the crew know that she leveraged Pollard’s relationship with Midas and because of that, Team Arrow would now be their own special ‘vigilante’ task force and they would be able to operate out of their own bunker. In the DA’s office, Black Siren confronted Emiko about murdering Diaz.

The final flash forward sequence showed Mia and William listening to Felicity’s recording, which apologized to the two of them for not bringing them together before.


Arrow will return on Monday, March 18th at 8PM/EST On The CW.


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