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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Dragon’

Published on April 20th, 2018 | Updated on April 25th, 2018 | By FanFest

This week, the villains took the spotlight in Star City as Ricardo Diaz and his band of baddies took some advancing steps towards completely owning Star City. Since he already had half of the police force in his back pocket, all he needed was some partners. Great news, right? I do have to say though after watching this episode, Ricardo Diaz has certainly become a villain that I have grown to despise. The writers have done a fantastic job at portraying this villain!

‘The Dragon’ kicked off with a flashback of a young Ricardo Diaz being bullied in an orphanage. Present day, Diaz and Black Siren talked about their future goals for Star City and met with a crime lord named Eric Cartier. Eric told him in order to become a member of ‘the Quadrant’ he had to audition for a role. Elsewhere, Curtis and Felicity gathered together to talk about moving forward with their startup company – Helix despite the teams being split. After working on a few minor projects together, Felicity informs Curtis that the trio has split and Oliver is once again on a one man mission to save Star City. Diaz and Black Siren return to Cartier, after staking out a target he asked them to be on the lookout for. They inform him that the target, Baylor, is under FBI protection. Diaz asks for a seat at the table of the quadrant in exchange for unlimited access to Star City’s shipping ports and police department for their disposal. Cartier states that first, Diaz must bring him Baylor before earning his place at the table.

Diaz and Black Siren head out and take out the agents protecting Baylor. As Diaz brings Baylor to Cartier, Cartier says a few snarky words before shooting both Baylor and Diaz multiple times. Luckily for Diaz, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Cartier drives away, under the presumption that Diaz is dead and calls his father – saying that Star City is theirs for the taking now. At Felicity’s apartment, Curtis and Felicity see a news report on the TV where the Green Arrow was caught in the middle of an explosion – causing Felicity to worry. Diaz and Black Siren head back to Cartier’s bar, where they hold him at gunpoint. Black Siren takes out Cartier’s henchmen, and then starts going on a tangent to Cartier about being an orphan – and how he had to fight for everything growing up. Cartier tells Diaz the truth, that he and his father never really brought Diaz’s name up to the Quadrant and that was because he was a nobody. Diaz beats Cartier into telling him where the Quadrant is meeting that night.

Black Siren and Diaz get in the car and head out to their location. Black Siren asks Diaz to trust her and tell him why being a part of the Quadrant is so important to him. He says after being an orphan and being afraid for so long, he wants to own it all. Being a part of the Quadrant gives him something else beyond a city. They arrive at the address, and send Cartier in rigged with explosives. After he detonates, Diaz and Black Siren head in and take out a few of the henchmen before walking into the backroom where the members of the Quadrant all sat around the table. Diaz gives a speech to the members as to why he should be allowed a seat at the table. One of the board members states that there are no seats open at the table – so Diaz shoot’s Cartier’s father, making room for himself. The member states that the reason the board is so successful is because they have discipline and control, and killing each other out of anger is not the answer. However, she is interested in his proposal and asks him to tell her more. Diaz takes a seat at the table.

After his meeting with the Quadrant, Diaz heads out to a strange house and meets with a mysterious man. Elsewhere, Felicity rushes home to see that Oliver is there and he is safe. Felicity tells Oliver she is struggling with the idea of Oliver operating on his own, and she feels helpless not being in the bunker helping him. Oliver tells Felicity that he promised both her and William that he would always come back, and he will. Black Siren waits for Diaz on the rooftop, where he brings the mysterious man to her. We learn that the man is Jessie – the bully that tortured Diaz growing up. Diaz douses Jessie in gasoline, against Black Siren’s protests.

Diaz then ignites his lighter – killing Jessie…. while Black Siren watches, looking remorseful.


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