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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Spartan’

Published on April 24th, 2019 | Updated on April 24th, 2019 | By FanFest

After seeing a lot of plot based episodes, it was really nice to see a purely character-driven episode like this one. I have been looking forward to this ‘Diggle-Centric’ episode for awhile now, and Ernie Hudson was the perfect candidate to be playing Diggle’s stepfather!

After Diggle and Oliver broke up a meeting between Virgil and a Rogue ARGUS agent, they discover that the Ninth Circle is now after ARGUS ‘eyes-only’ documents. After checking out the device the Oliver and Diggle acquired from Virgil, Felicity recognized the encryption safeguarding the device – as D.I.A. Diggle states that he may know someone who can help, a General at the Department of Defense. After Diggle and Oliver meet the General, who is extremely reluctant to hand over the information, it is revealed that General Stewart is actually Diggle’s stepfather.

Back at her apartment, Felicity and Alaina reinstate Archer and Alaina informs Felicity that Dr. Bill Magnus, leading Robotics and Nano-tech CEO, wants to buy Smoak Technologies. Before they can further discuss, Virgil and several other Ninth Circle members break into the apartment and manage to steal the high tech program.

General Stewart met with the Team in the bunker, which led to Diggle confiding in Oliver about his past with the General. General Stewart was Diggle’s fathers Commanding Officer on a deployment and after an op went south, which resulted in the passing of Diggle’s father, General Stewart married Diggle’s mother less than a year later. Rather than being a loving step-father, he would make them do ‘Spartan’ survival drills.

A call came in for a possible location on Emiko, and the team split up. Oliver, Dinah and Rene headed out in search of a D.I.A asset named Julian Scison and General Stewart and Diggle headed out to check on another lead. During their investigation, both Diggle and General Stewart were captured by members of the Ninth Circle, along with Dante and Virgil.

After being tortured briefly, General Steward gave Dante the lockdown code to the device he was trying to unlock. As Dante left the room, Diggle and General Stewart managed to free themselves from their bindings and escape. After running into a few of Dante’s minions, Oliver and his team arrived and rescued Diggle and General Stewart.

Elsewhere, while all this was happening, Felicty confided in Alaina and told her that she loved being a part of Team Arrow, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to continue doing good, and that was why she initially created the Archer program.

Back in the bunker, Oliver assured Diggle that after all these years – it is time to give General Stewart a second chance. He handed Diggle a file that gave a description about what really happened to Diggle’s father. Apparently he was negligent, disobeyed orders, and took two marines with him. Had it not been for General Stewart – everyone would have died.

They head out to a local warehouse, where Emiko and Dante both are trying to seize another compatible weapon. Felicity initiated a self destruct protocol that took Archer off the grid for good, destroying the program. Oliver confronted Emiko and after a few minutes of close combat, Oliver told her the truth – that Dante killed her mother. Before he could explain any further, Dante and Emiko escaped.

In the closing minutes of the episode, Diggle and his father made their amends. Alaina and Felicity sat and discussed it would be best to let the Archer program die, and to focus on something bigger for their next project – something that would help people without causing mass destruction.

Emiko confronted Dante about her mother’s death, before shooting him with multiple arrows, killing him.


In the flash-forward sequences, we learned that John Junior ‘JJ’ has aligned himself with the Deathstroke organization.


Arrow will return on Monday, April 29th at 8PM/EST on The CW.

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