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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Past Sins’

Published on January 29th, 2019 | Updated on January 29th, 2019 | By FanFest

I have to say, for directing his first episode of Arrow, David Ramsey did a fantastic job. The story line was incredibly enticing, and the fight scenes were absolutely spectacular – especially the ones that took place at ARGUS. Having been a part of the show since the very beginning, David is an expert at this!

‘Past Sins’ began with Oliver and Laurel on an evening talk show where they did an interview with the host on their vigilante lives. We also saw a cutback to last weeks ending, where Oliver approached Emiko at Robert’s grave. Oliver emphasized to Emiko that he was going to do his best to fix things with Emiko, to atone for his father abandoning her.

At ARGUS, Lyla and Diggle assembled their villainous squad of Cupid, China White, Deathstroke Jr. and Ricardo Diaz. When Curtis discovers what they are doing, he displayed tremendous resistance. When he does so, Diggle informed Curtis that it was not a request – and that he has no choice but to implant the fail safe bombs.

Laurel and Felicity got together to celebrate the interview going so well. While Felicity stepped out, Laurel was approached by a man who she previously attacked on Earth-2 back when she first got her powers as Black Siren. Later on that night, the television host who hosted the interview with Laurel and Oliver was abducted. On a news report the next morning, the host was tied up to a chair and stated that Oliver was a liar and doesn’t represent the people of Star City and unless Oliver quit the police force, people would suffer.

The SCPD analyzed the video sent out and locked down a location in the Glades where it was sent from. Oliver suited up with the police and were able to rescue the show host, but the kidnapper escaped. Oliver met Felicity back at home and discovered that the kidnapper was Samuel Hackett, the son of David Hackett – who was the crew member that Oliver’s father killed on the life raft after the Queens Gambit sank.

At ARGUS, Curtis started to run some tests on the ‘Suicide Squad’ members but accidentally gave Diaz the wrong drug. Diaz overpowered Curtis, woke the other members of the squad up and led them out of the holding facility. In an alleyway, Laurel confronted the man she saw at the bar. They began to fight, but before Laurel could finish the job – Felicity arrived and broke them up.

Oliver and Dinah gathered at Sam’s apartment, and he told her about what really happened on the life raft. After the broke into the apartment, Oliver saw maps and newspapers – indicating that Sam was still searching for his father after all these years. Oliver also discovered his transcripts of notes between Oliver and the prison doctor, where Oliver told the true story.

At ARGUS, the fight between the Suicide Squad and the agents continued. Curtis tracked down Ricardo Diaz to the parking garage, and the two of them engaged in a fight. The fight ended with Diaz breaking Curtis’ neck, and escaping in a van. As he drove down the road, he tried radioing to Dante to warn him that ARGUS was coming. As he did so, the road started glitching – revealing that Diaz was in a Virtual Reality simulation that Curtis implanted in his brain to lead ARGUS to Dante.

At the Star City Police Station, Hackett rigs the power grid and takes three police officers hostage. He rigged them with explosive electronic vests, before leading them inside. He demands that Oliver Queen turn himself into him, otherwise he was going to use the electronic bombs to blow up the station. Hackett told the cops they had a choice – shoot Oliver and live, or standby and die. As Oliver confronted Hackett, Dinah headed outside and was eventually able to render the vests useless.

The next morning, Oliver gave another interview with the same TV show host and told the truth about what happened on the life raft following the events of the Queens gambit. After his interview, Oliver walked out of the police station and saw Emiko standing there, saying that she was now ready to start thinking about getting ready to talk to Oliver after watching his interview.

At ARGUS, Curtis and Diggle discussed the GHOST initiative. Diggle stated that although Curtis’ VR worked, they weren’t ready to scratch the Suicide Squad just yet. Curtis then stated he no longer took orders from anyone.

The episode ended with Dinah going out to her car, and getting a note left on her steering wheel stating ‘ONE BY ONE, I’LL KILL YOU ALL.’


Arrow will return on Monday, February 4th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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