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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Inheritance’

Published on March 26th, 2019 | Updated on March 26th, 2019 | By FanFest

After last week’s episode was entirely consisting of ‘flash forward’ sequences, it was nice to scale back and see some current day events in this highly entertaining episode.

The episode opened up with a flashback sequence of a young Emiko and Robert having a conversation about how Robert had to go away and leave Emiko and her mother behind, which faded into a modern day sparring fight between Oliver and Emiko. After a brief bonding/training session, Emiko left the building to discover she was being trailed by a hooded figure; who turned out to be Black Siren.

At Oliver’s apartment, Felicity met with Alena and appointed her as CTO of Smoak Technologies. After she left Black Siren stopped by and informed Oliver of Emiko’s involvement with some shady characters, which led to her being trailed by Oliver. After seeing her help some henchmen out in some criminal activities, Oliver went in to rescue one of the lab workers who told him that he needed to stop the ‘Ninth Circle’.

The team gathered in the Arrow Cave and came to the decision that Oliver would head out and speak to Emiko himself to give her a chance to explain herself. So while his team worked to gather data on Dante between ARGUS and the SCPD, Oliver met with Emiko where he learned she was in deep and owed him a debt. Later that night, Oliver and his team backed Emiko up while she went with Dante to make another weapons deal. Although Dante managed to get away, the team managed to save Emiko from Dante’s clutches after taking out quite a few of his henchmen.

While Laurel interrogated one of Dante’s men, Oliver and Emiko headed back to the bunker and met up with the team. Emiko confessed that Dante was after Uranium; and Felicity narrowed it down to two possible locations as to where he could possibly acquire it from. While Felicity went to do some further research, Oliver found a jammer hidden in one of the storage compartments in the bunker – ultimately blocking out Felicity’s ability to use the ARCHER program.

Oliver and Emiko then had a standoff in the bunker, where Emiko informed Oliver that it was the Ninth Circle who was her family; not the Queens. Emiko then met up with Dante, and we learned the ‘fight’ between them was staged. Dante provided Emiko with the name of the man behind the killing of Emiko’s mother in exchange for her continued allegiance

In a flashback sequence, Emiko met with Robert and she showed him a plan for growth improvement for Queen Consolidated. He then told her that he was going on a trip to China on The Queens Gambit.

After tracking down Emiko and Dante’s location one more time, the team headed out and found them at an abandoned airport. By the time they got there, Dante and Emiko had already started prepping the drones with the Sarin Gas and rigged them to head towards Star City. After a few moments, Team Arrow intervened. Dante managed to get away with one of his henchmen, leaving Emiko and the rest of his crew behind to deal with Oliver and the drones. Oliver managed to take out 7 of the 8 drones and when he aimed to take out the last one, Emiko shot his arrow away and ordered the remaining henchmen to kill Oliver. After defeating them, Felicity informed Oliver that she wasn’t able to stop the drone in time and the gas had been deployed.

After the fight, Laurel was confronted by Emiko in her office. Emiko was the one who killed the Halconez leader in addition to releasing a photo of Black Siren in a car with Ricardo Diaz to the media. Emiko then met up with Dante and we learned that it was in fact she who was the leader of the Ninth Circle, and not Dante.


The episode ended with Emiko looking at Blue Prints for the ‘Queens Gambit’, where it should the locations that Malcom Merlyn hid the explosives.


Arrow will return on Monday, April 15th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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