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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Emerald Archer’

Published on February 5th, 2019 | Updated on February 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

For the 150th episode of Arrow, I have to say it was pretty phenomenal. This was even better than the 100th episode airing! I absolutely loved the creative idea of it being a ‘documentary’ – it was a unique twist that I cannot stop watching!

The episode opened with a ‘documentary’ that included Cameo appearances of Quentin Lance, Sara Lance, Thea Queen and Rory Regan talking about living their lives as vigilantes. During the filming of the Documentary, Felicity brought William home from Boarding School.

While out on a routine call, Wild Dog and Emiko were attacked by an unknown assailant – who wound up kidnapping Emiko and leaving Rene behind wounded. Due to this, Mayor Pollard informed Dinah that she would be holding a ‘Vigilantism’ meeting at the Town Hall – where she would force Oliver to stand infront of the city and tell them that he was still lying and going out as the Green Arrow.

At Oliver’s apartment, William and Felicity had a fight about William being home. William expressed that he was angry with the fact that Felicity and Oliver left him at school during Christmas, leaving him all alone. At ARGUS, Oliver asks Diggle for help tracking down the new Green Arrow – who Oliver explained was his half sister. After they tracked her down, her last known location – Oliver and Diggle break into the lair. They found a mask belonging to the Huntress as well as Emiko’s in addition to a wall of photos; alluding to Oliver that this anti-hero was hunting vigilantes.

Curtis winds up finding another way to track down ‘Chimera’, which after a brief fight, lead to the team finally finding Emiko. She had been injured pretty badly as a result of the fight, and she warned Oliver that Chimera was coming for him. The next morning, Diggle informed Oliver that the trail in the search for Chimera had gone cold – and he suggested they reunite ‘Team Arrow’ to stop him. Although Oliver was originally against it, he finally conceded and agreed to Diggle’s plan.

During the ‘Vigilantism’ meeting at Town Hall, Mayor Pollard began accusing Oliver of all the crimes he had committed as both The Hood and the Green Arrow. Before Oliver could defend himself, Chimera appeared and engaged in a fight with Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow – in what I have to say has been the best fighting sequence this entire season. After they defeated Chimera, Mayor Pollard appeared and informed Oliver that Rene, Curtis and Diggle were all in violation of the Anti-Vigilante Law and they were under arrest.

The next morning, Felicity confronted William about lying to her about what really happened at school. When she asked why he didn’t take his midterms, he informed her that he had been expelled.

At City Hall, Dinah walked into Mayor Pollard’s office and offered her resignation. Oliver joined her, offering to turn himself in. Surprisingly, Mayor Pollard returned Dinah’s badge to her and stated that since the District Attorney would not be pressing charges – Dinah would be able to deputize Diggle, Curtis and Rene, as a thanks for saving her life. Following this meeting, Oliver led the camera crew down to the old Team Arrow lair and stated he was going to rebuild the lair – so that the members can operate in the light again.

The episode ended in a future sequence, with Blackstar and Connor Hawke stumbling upon the remains of Team Arrow’s lair – which appeared deserted.


Arrow will return on Monday, February 11th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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