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Batwoman is Here in Arrow: ‘Elseworlds Part 2’ Crossover!

Published on December 11th, 2018 | Updated on December 11th, 2018 | By FanFest

Last night’s episode was full of so many Easter Eggs, that I don’t think the excitement stopped from the minute I started watching!

‘Elseworlds, Pt. 2’ kicked off with Diggle and a group of field agents facing off against a villain, which wound up being Kane Wolfman – Deathstroke’s son. Diggle was able to subdue the villain, with the help of Barry, Oliver and Kara. After rendevousing at ARGUS with Diggle, the trio decided that they would have to go to Gotham, to figure out who the man in the picture was that Oliver sketched.

After heading to Gotham, Oliver stated that he had a line in with someone in Gotham who may have been able to help them. While walking through the streets, they were confronted by a group of criminals – who demanded they turn over their wallets, phones and keys. They engaged in a street fight, which led to the GCPD showing up and arresting everyone. As they sat in jail, Oliver and Barry argued about how taking on each others personalities may have worked for defeating AMAZO, but it probably wouldn’t work all the time.

A few moments later, they were informed that someone posted their bail – a high money-roller in Gotham who insisted on meeting them. They arrived at the headquarters for Wayne Enterprises where they met Kate Kane, who was the one who posted their bail. She informed them she would help them find what they were seeking, so that they could get out of the city as fast as possible. They showed her the drawing, and she agreed that the best place for them to work out of would be her building – as it was under construction and no one would suspect anything.

Back at ARGUS, Caitlyn broke the news to Felicity that Oliver and Barry had somehow switched bodies and were living each other’s lives. Felicity began growing worried, thinking she couldn’t tell who Oliver really was and that was a result of their marriage becoming strained. Felicity confided in Caitlyn that she and Oliver had become completely different people, and it was causing most of the unhappiness in her life.

Kara went and had a chat with Kate, where she learned that John Deegan, the man they were searching for, was a doctor at Arkham Asylum. After Kara headed out to inform the boys, Kate snuck away to her basement and put on her Batwoman costume.

At ARGUS, Team Arrow (along with Caitlin and Cisco) used the breaching machine to hear a message coming from another dimension. It was a version of Jay Garrick, telling them to ‘get the book’, but that was all he managed to get through before his communication was shut off. After getting this information, Cisco and Caitlyn helped Oliver and his crew break into Arkham to speak with John Deegan. After a brief confrontation, Deegan confronted Oliver, stating that he knew Oliver was really Oliver Queen and not Barry Allen. Deegan managed to get away from Oliver, before they could get any questions answered.

While the team spent the entire time putting the inmates back in their cells, Batwoman showed up and came to assist them. She told them that they were warned to get out of Gotham. As Oliver, Barry and Kara went to put the inmates back in their cells – Oliver accidentally knocked over a poisonous gas that made them start to hallucinate Malcolm Merlyn and Eobard Thawne. After Batwoman came in and saved the day, the group headed back to ARGUS – with the Book in tow.

While at the ARGUS headquarters, they were breached by a Barry Allen from Earth 90. He warned them about a man called ‘The Monitor’, who has used the book in the past to change his world. As they spoke, they saw on the news that ‘The Monitor’ was in Star City. They sped there to meet with him, where he warned them that there was a bigger crisis coming for them to prepare for. With that, he stole back the book and apparated to John Deegan. He ordered him to ‘think bigger’.

Moments later, Oliver and Barry woke up on the streets of Star City, but this time they woke up as criminals. As they managed to run away from the police (who were actually Deathstrokes son, Malcolm Merlyn and Ricardo Diaz), they ran into an evil version of Clark Kent – who told them there was no place they could hide.


‘Elseworld’ will conclude tonight at 8PM/EST on The CW on ‘Supergirl’


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