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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Deathstroke Returns’

This week’s episode, titled ‘Deathstroke Returns’, certainly had an abundance of suspense, action and plenty of plot twists. I would certainly say that I was highly impressed and on the edge of my seat throughout the entire episode.

‘Deathstroke Returns’ kicked off with Dinah walking out of City Hall with some of her colleagues, and some council members. While Dinah moved to talk to one of the council members, a sniper opened fire and began shooting into the area. Dinah and her fellow officers managed to get everyone out of harms way.

While Dinah and the rest of the team took a minute to gather their thoughts, Rene called Oliver and made him away of the situation. Oliver informed Rene that it was critical to find out the identity of the shooter, and asked Rene to handle City Hall in the meantime – as Oliver had other important matters to attend to. When Oliver hung up the phone, we saw that he was not alone… Slade Wilson was with him.

'Arrow' Recap 'Deathstroke Returns'
Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

Slade told Oliver that he was able to locate his son, in Kasnia. He had apparently gotten into a fair bit of trouble after joining an Australian Intelligence squadron and wound up in jail for life. Slade asked Oliver for his help on the mission, but as Oliver Queen… not as the Green Arrow. When Oliver questioned as to why, Slade stated that it would be more helpful if Oliver journeyed as a diplomat. Slade then told Oliver if he wanted to join him, to meet him at 2100 hours and together they would head to the plane.

In a flashback sequence, we saw a scene with Slade and his son Joe at a young age. While preparing for a weekend camping trip, Joe expressed his disappoint stating that no matter where they went when they were away – Slade somehow always managed to stray away or call the trip early.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity and Curtis reviewed the security footage and they immediately recognized the shooter as Vigilante. After a few minutes they were able to figure out that his target was in fact councilwoman Pollard, due to her ‘Anti-Vigilante’ act that she was attempting to pass.

Diggle and Dinah headed to the room where Vigilante took his vantage point from, only to run into Special Agent Watson. She immediately began inquiring as to why Diggle was on the scene, since he is just Oliver Queen’s body guard. After a brief confrontation with her, Diggle left with her to go complete an interview.

Felicity journeyed to Oliver’s apartment to find him staring at an empty bag, as if to contemplate his next move because he felt as though he would be breaking his promise to William. Felicity stated that he wouldn’t be breaking his promise – because he’s not suiting up as The Green Arrow… he is traveling as Oliver Queen – Mayor of Star City. Oliver agreed, and headed out to meet Slade.

'Arrow' Recap 'Deathstroke Returns'
Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

While staking out Councilwoman Polland, Dinah spotted Vigilante making his way up to her apartment. Dinah chased him down and used her powers to knock him back and crack his helmet. Vigilante removed his helmet to reveal his identity – Vincent Sobel. He was Dinah’s ex-boyfriend and former partner.

The team gathered in the Arrow Cave and Dinah revealed to the team who Vigilante was. She stated she found it hard to believe, as she saw him get shot in the head. Felicity got a call from Special Agent Watson, requesting that they meet immediately. During their meeting, Agent Watson made it a point to state that Felicity and Oliver were dating once more. She then further pursued, asking Felicity if she is willing to testify under oath in regards to being Oliver’s alibi on the nights that The Green Arrow was spotted in Star City.

Elsewhere, Slade and Oliver arrived in Kasnia. Slade offered Oliver a bunch of money along with two airplane tickets to London. One for Oliver and one for Joe, and he requests that Oliver not tell Joe that Slade helped out. Oliver questioned if it was because Slade is afraid that Joe will only ever see him as Deathstroke. Slade stated that he was never really the father that Joe deserved.

Oliver headed to the prison where Slade’s son was reportedly being held onto to receive some bad news. Slade’s son was killed in a prison yard fight. Oliver headed back to Slade to deliver the news, sending Slade into waves of distress. Oliver then reminded Slade that he could ‘still say goodbye’.

In another flashback sequence, we saw Slade sitting around the camp fire and playing rugby with his son – Slade secretly spying on one of the other families that was there on the camp grounds with them.

In the Arrow cave, Diggle and Dinah had a heart to heart discussion about her and her old partner. Diggle continued to tell her that he is still a person, he just needs help. Dinah, however, disagrees and states that he has killed innocent people and isn’t the same man. Therefore, he needs to be put down.

'Arrow' Recap 'Deathstroke Returns'
Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

During their discussion, Rene came in and stated that they had two problems. First, Councilwoman Pollard scheduled a live TV interview about her anti-vigilante clause. Two, Special Agent Watson has subpoenaed Rene.

Oliver and Slade headed back to the prison and asked to see Joe’s body. The warden protested several times, receiving a threating warning from Slade. The warden finally confesses, stating that Joe didn’t die in the brawl. He was taken by a crime gang called ‘The Jackals’.

Slade and Oliver returned to their hotel room, and Slade immediately began suiting up as Deathstroke – his mission to track down the Jackals. Oliver tries to convince Slade to let him go with them, but passes out – drugged by Slade. Before walking away from Oliver’s unconscious form, Slade stated that he works best alone.

In Star City, Dinah and the rest of the police force stood outside the TV Station, where Councilwoman Pollard was about to give her interview. Along with her, is Special Agent Watson with the FBI. Dinah radios Diggle and the rest of the team and ordered them to stand down, as Special Agent Watson was probably waiting to catch the Green Arrow in action.

In another flashback, Slade handed Joe a home cooked campground meal and asked him how it was. For once, it seemed like Slade and his son were having a happy and normal life. Slade observed a man walking by and told his son he had to go to the bathroom. He then snuck away to slip on his Deathstroke armor and grabbed the man from behind. He asked him on the whereabouts of Yao Fei. (Talk about nostalgia!) After a brief struggle and getting no answers, Slade killed the man.

'Arrow' Recap 'Deathstroke Returns'
Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

Despite Dinah’s warning, Diggle showed up at the TV Station expressing his concern for Dinah. Dinah told him once more, that there is nothing left of the man she used to love. He needs to be stopped. As Diggle and Dinah talk, Vigilante sneaks up into the rafters and draws his weapon.

In the middle of her interview, Vigilante cuts the power. Councilwoman Pollard makes to escape, but Vigilante chases her down. She encouraged him to try and kill her, because it doesn’t matter. Him killing her will only prove to the city that all vigilantes are dangerous and must go. Before he could pull the trigger, Dinah appeared dressed as Black Canary. Dinah ordered the councilwoman to leave and then turned her focus back to Vigilante. Before she could get in a conversation, a Star City officer showed up and shot Vigilante in his visor. Dinah ordered the cop to get an ambulance.

Vigilante took his helmet up, and the bullet was crushed against his skull… showing he is also a meta, and he is bulletproof. Dinah asked him why he was doing what he was doing – choosing to be a vigilante. He told Dinah that in 10 years as cops, they didn’t accomplish anything and that this was the only way. He then pointed out to Dinah that he wasn’t the only one wearing the mask. Police sirens are heard in the distance, and Dinah tells Vincent to run. Dinah radios to Team Arrow that Vigilante got away.

In Kasnia, Oliver woke up to find a note from Slade telling him to go back home and be with Felicity and William. His phone rang and it was William, asking when he was coming home. He then tells Oliver that he hopes ‘his friend’ will find his son.

'Arrow' Recap 'Deathstroke Returns'
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Slade’s breaks into the Jackal’s headquarters and began taking them out one by one. He’s eventually overpowered, and finds himself facing off against a supposed ring leader of the group, who ordered Slade to stand down. Slade immediately began questioning about the whereabouts of his son Joe.

In Star City, Dinah wrapped up the crime scene and was approached by Special Agent Watson. She points out that Pollard was recued by the Black Canary, and finds it ironic that when the lights went out and Black Canary appeared, Dinah was no where to be found. She walked away, leaving Dinah bemused.

Dinah turned around to find a matchbox on her dashboard. She opened it to see a little paper rose inside, a gift from Vincent… just like the ones he used to make for her before.

In the closing minutes of Arrow, Oliver showed up at the Jackal headquarters. He overheard a conversation in which Slade agreed to join the Jackals as long as they let Joe go. The ring leader smirks, stating that they can’t let Joe go… he is, after all, their boss.

Joe walks up out of the shadows and up to Slade, stating that it’s been a long time.


Arrow returns on Thursday, November 15th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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