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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Brothers and Sisters’

Published on March 5th, 2019 | Updated on March 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

If there is one thing I absolutely love about all these Arrow episodes this season, it is that they have made several references to Easter Eggs from other seasons. Now that we are a little over halfway through this season, I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the direction the show is taking.

While Felicity woke up from a nightmare that involved Diaz killing both her and her and Oliver’s baby, Oliver was at City Hall going over some police files. While there, he attempted to call William – who still was refusing to return his calls. Oliver met up with Rene, who told him not to worry about William, as it took Zoe a long time to come around following the loss of custody as well. Rene then asked for Oliver’s help in assisting Emiko in solving the case of her mother’s murder, which Oliver was previously unaware of.

At ARGUS, Diggle oversaw the training of the Suicide Squad members. Diggle and Lyla discussed how Dante was becoming a growing problem, and it was time that they brought Oliver and Felicity in on the news that the ‘Suicide Squad’ was formed once more. At first, Felicity and Oliver were both okay with the fact that the ‘suicide squad’ was being formed once more… until they learned that one of those members was Ricardo Diaz. After learning that news, Felicity texted Black Siren stating that it was ‘time to finish what they started’.

In a flash forward sequence, Mia and William became more acquainted – in which we also learned that Connor Hawke was the adopted son of John Diggle.

Laurel met up with Felicity and the two of them talked about Ricardo Diaz. Much to Felicity’s surprise, Laurel stated that she would rather take the time to focus on being a good D.A as opposed to taking down Diaz. She also informed Felicity that she knew she was pregnant, but promised not to tell Oliver. Meanwhile, the suicide squad set out on a mission to bring in Dante’s assistant named Virgil. The op was compromised, and Virgil managed to escape, swearing that Dante would get his revenge on Diaz. The squad gathered back at ARGUS, where Diaz confessed that if there was one person in the world he was afraid of, it was Dante and he would rather have the bomb in his head explode than allow Dante to find out he betrayed him.

Oliver met up with Emiko and offered to help her on her mission to find her mother’s killer, but Emiko was extremely reluctant, stating it was her personal vendetta. After some time, they managed to get a hit on a potential target named Andrew Thorton who was doing an illegal weapons deal that night. Oliver asked Emiko to stay behind while he and Rene headed out, since they had been deputized and she was still on the books as a ‘vigilante’. Oliver and Rene managed to interrupt the weapons deal, and Oliver arrested Andrew, much to Emiko’s demise.

In a flash forward sequence, Mia and William bonded over their parents and Mia agreed to join William and his team on their mission to find Felicity.

Back at ARGUS, Lyla and Diggle teamed up with the Suicide Squad at a private party to try and corner Dante, with Felicity and the team on Overwatch. After learning that the Deputy Director was Dante’s ‘inside man’, Lyla ordered the Suicide Squad to rally together. However, Felicity reported that Diaz’s chip went offline and she was no longer able to track him. During that time, Diaz snuck away to meet up with Dante and informed him of the set-up. With that, Dante killed both the princess and the deputy director. Although the team managed to track down and capture Diaz (that guy just can’t seem to get away), Dante managed to escape into the night. Following the events, Diggle told Lyla that he would take the fall for the GHOST initiative so that Lyla would not be fired as Director. They had no idea how many traitors were really within ARGUS, so they needed

Oliver and Emiko finally made amends, and Oliver stated that he thought by helping her out with her mission, he was making up for lost time. The episode ended with Felicity telling Oliver that she was pregnant, Emiko and Dante meeting in her secret lair, and Ricardo Diaz being murdered in his prison cell.


Arrow will return on Monday, March 12th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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