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‘Anthem’ Seeing Postive First Impressions Amidst Bugs

Published on February 19th, 2019 | Updated on February 18th, 2019 | By FanFest

Anthem is one of the biggest games releasing this spring, but it has endured plenty of issues. The initial reactions when the VIP demo released were bad. The issues were seemingly server related, but turned out to be connectivity issues. By the time the public demo rolled around things were better, even if some still had problems loading into certain activities.

We are now closing in on release and as of the early PC access on February 15th we are starting to see impressions for the game rolling out. It seems to be somewhat of a mixed bag, but I am seeing positives in what many are writing. Let’s take a look at what different critics have to say.

Chris Carter from Destructoid writes-

As I said during my time with the demo, Anthem ticks all of the right boxes…initially. The true test is how I feel in a week, or even a month. Stay tuned as I work my way through the core campaign and continue to cover Anthem as it evolves.

Ethan Gach Of Kotaku writes-

I’ve only completed about a dozen missions so far including one stronghold—a longer dungeon that’s made for a party of four players and features a boss at the end. As I unlock more abilities and equipment, I’m hoping the game’s encounters will change things up as well, beyond just offering me higher difficulties to complete all the same old missions on. I haven’t yet found one I would love to run again just for the hell of it. For now, there’s plenty of other things to keep me coming back.

Michael Bitton of writes-

Between the surprisingly decent early story and the various improvements on PC, I’m feeling a lot better about Anthem now than I was a few weeks ago. The moment-to-moment gameplay was always fun for me, but those frustrating demo issues were alarming and it’s reassuring to see how rapidly BioWare is responding to them. Will things stay interesting all the way through the campaign and beyond?

Cody Gravelle of Screen Rant writes-

At the very least, though, Anthem starts off incredibly strong, and any doubts raised by a somewhat lackluster demo should dissipate within the first few hours of handling your very own Javelin – although a few more doubts, particularly about solo content, will likely rise up to take their place.

Quite a few different opinions, but Anthem seems to be leaning into positive territory. The biggest pluses for the game seem to be the world and gameplay, while the biggest negatives are endgame content and bugs/crashes. Hopefully at launch the game will continue to get better, and the post launch plans will add even more for players to be engaged in. Anthem launches February 22nd, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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