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‘AHS: 1984’ Recap: ‘True Killers’

This season on AHS: 1984 each episode grows increasingly insane and unbelievable. Yet I want more. Most viewers want more. In many ways, this season is an eighties soap opera hopped up on slasher goodness. The crazier part about this season is the predictions I’ve gotten completely wrong and the strangest ones I’ve managed to get right. Last week viewers were in-store for not one, but three shocking twists. “True Killers” proves nonetheless shocking.

“True Killers” immediately had us on our feet with a “Rebel Yell” and Montana front and center. Instead of making us wait for too many answers, we saw the initial meeting between Montana and The Night Stalker, Richard. She immediately became enamored with him after he kills some rude guy in her aerobics class. Anyone less than enthused at Billy Idol blaring through the speakers of the gym is clearly in the wrong. After some weird sexcapades, Richard revealed he was up for the challenge of killing the woman who took Montana’s brother Sam away. After all, it wasn’t even Sam’s wedding! Brooke must pay for her lies.

AHS: 1984 - Montana - 9x4
AHS: 1984 – Montana – 9×4 – FX Network

Richard insists he almost had Brooke twice but she had managed to outsmart him twice. Montana insists that Brooke has to pay for what she’s done and he needs to get his act together. After all, Mr. Jingles is on the loose and killed two guys in front of her at once. Meanwhile, Trevor and Xavier manage to get Chet back to a bed to lay down. Thinking that he has died, Trevor takes a needle filled with epinephrine which is essentially adrenaline according to him. Besides, it can’t do much worse with him. Thanks to Uma Thurman we were all prepared for the results.

Thankfully after reviving him, he manages to find Margret to explain to her that they have to leave because Mr. Jingles is on the grounds. She insists that she doesn’t have to because she has a gun. Trevor thinks she is crazy and runs to get Chet. Xavier meanwhile goes to get Bertie and tells her that they have to go. Once he realizes Mr. Jingles is coming, he hides under the table. Bertie remembers his sandwich order because she never forgets one as he stands in front of her. While he hesitates if he is going to take the bait of a good old fashioned PB&J sandwich, he ultimately does.  

AHS: 1984 - Mr. Jingles - True Killers
AHS: 1984 – Mr. Jingles – 9×4 – FX Network

Bertie knew that Margaret was still reliving the past and she wanted to be there for her. Boy was Bertie wrong about Margaret ultimately though. While at first, the episode sets us up to believe there was some sort of romance going on between Benjamin and Margaret, we learn exactly what all of us have been thinking since she practically seduced The Night Stalker. She murdered all those campers once upon a time. She was even crazy enough to cut off her ear so she could frame Benjamin! Donna is going to have a field day with this psychiatrist evaluation. Two patients for the one low price of letting a supposed serial killer loose. 

In a way, the institution has created a true monster. He kills because he was fed all the lies that he is a monster. He leaves Bertie for dead and that was someone he seemed to care about once upon a time and he tried to cook Xavier. I must admit upon seeing him beating the oven door in an attempt to get out I could not help but think AHS fans are going to riot if Xavier dies this early. However, two actual deaths occurred last night on the show. Mr. Jingles takes on The Night Stalker in a Freddy vs. Jason battle. Which serial killer will win? The home team always appears to win this case. Although The Night Stalker puts up a fight, Mr. Jingles comes out victorious. 

AHS: 1984 - Donna - 9x4
AHS: 1984 – Donna – 9×4 – FX Network

Around the same time, the truth comes out at who created these traps. Donna. She insists that she is doing all this for science. She had to do all this to study the patient in the wild. Donna and Montana of course also must battle it out, neither of them dying in the process. During all this insanity Brooke is beyond lucky enough to be able to get away from them. While Brooke’s truth might turn out not to be the whole truth, for now, she has managed to outsmart practically everyone at the camp. Maybe Donna is producing a serial killer in Brooke by the end of the season. After all, if she is as sweet and pure as she claims to be, one can only take so much before they snap.

In all reality, Donna should be studying Margaret and Benjamin because each is an insanely great case study. Margaret takes complete advantage of the fact that Benjamin cared for her and wanted to show her that she wasn’t as strange as the other kids made her feel. HE CARVED HER A WOODEN BEAR! I knew I would feel angry when this revelation came out, but I’m far angrier than I should be about it. Even after all the people he has killed in this season so far is it wrong to want to start a hashtag #Justice4Jingles? Yeah, that is taking it too far. In the wake of this information coming to light, some sort of justice needs to be served. Especially since Margaret reveals all this and then kills Mr. Jingles!

AHS: 1984 - Margaret - 9x4
AHS: 1984 – Margaret – 9×4 – FX Network

Little did I know another character was going to die far earlier on than I ever imagined as well. Upon Trevor hearing the gunshots and being genuinely concerned for Margret he goes back to get her once more. As she stabs him she reclaims her desire to kill people once more. He had to be Mr. Jingles’ last victim. Besides, the Lord gave her the strength to do thy will. He meant killing people since she was able to do so with Mr. Jingles and Trevor. The question is where is Mr. Jingles? When Margaret looks back he has pulled a classic Michel Meyers.

However, I think one of my most outlandish claims might come to fruition. As Margaret is dumbfounded, the show takes us back to the forest. The forest that has decided to miraculously bring The Night Stalker back to life! Yes, you read that right. I’m beginning to think that the forest is much like those in Pet Semetary. If there is not an Indian burial ground underneath the camp I’m going to be sorely disappointed. However, if Mr. Jingles is also still alive that means Trevor will be resurrected by next week as well. Although others who have died have not reappeared in the past two episodes, this season of AHS is making my crazy theories more believable by the second.

AHS: 1984 - Xavier - True Killers
AHS: 1984 – Xavier – 9×4 – FX Network

If this was not insane enough, by the time they all reach the only way of escaping the came the car is on fire. There is no way they can leave. They all must remain as Camp Redwood whose story is only just beginning considering one fact. There are now three psycho killers.

Only time will how many killers are at Camp Redwood. Join us next Wednesday at 10 pm EST on FX Network.

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