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‘AHS: 1984’ Recap: ‘Red Dawn’

Published on October 17th, 2019 | Updated on October 17th, 2019 | By FanFest

American Horror Story has a way of always mixing things up. However, with that said I did not see last night’s episode “Red Dawn” coming. Even with the predictions, and some of them seemingly coming true, I am still in shock from this week’s episode. Somehow I am even more shocked by this week than last week. “Red Dawn” reminds us why the slasher genre is more than just slicing and dicing. AHS: 1984 has reminded us that with horror it really should be about expecting the unexpected. After all, good horror is more than mere jump scares. So despite every week making us question upon question, we keep guessing and we stay tuned for the answers. And boy did we get some answers this week.

Ever since Donna admitted she set Mr. Jingles loose for answers I wanted to know more about her past. What psychiatrist that has not snapped would ever think that’s a good idea? The opening sequence answers that question and more. Donna is following her father because her mother believes he is cheating on her. She finds far more than she bargains for when she goes inside of the location him and another woman stopped. There is a woman tied to the bed.  One partially gutted woman who is somehow still alive.  Despite the desire to save her, Donna becomes fixated on one simple fact.  Her father is a serial killer.

Donna - AHS: 1984 - Red Dawn
Donna – AHS: 1984 – Red Dawn – 9×5 – FX Network

Distraught, Donna turns to find her father standing there as he asks why she followed him. He explains that no one was ever supposed to see this side of him. She insists that “No one is born with that kind of darkness.” She has trouble believing that the man who has raised her and loved her could commit such a heinous crime. Instead of allowing her to help him, he kills himself before her. Every patient she has ever attempted to help has been because of her father. She has studied serial killers so long because she wants to know if she could at least help them.  Finding out if they were born with a darkness lurking within their souls was a bonus.

Needless to say, she has realized a little too late the mistake she has made until it is too late. And while Richard insists that she has the darkness inside of her too, she denies it. She runs away from this notion. She cannot cope with her past, leaving viewers wondering if she will give in to her darkness eventually. Darkness that even her father insists she has buried within her. While she is attempting to flee her past, the counselors are attempting to figure out how to flee Redwood. Xavier has completely lost what composure he has left.  Margaret seizes the opportunity to gain control again by knocking him out.

'AHS: 1984' Recap: 'Red Dawn'
Chet – AHS: 1984 – Red Dawn – 9×05 – FX Network

Lying to the group of counselors, Margaret convinces them that she saw some people across the lake. Montana does not realize she has essentially volunteered Chet to his death. Then again she does not care as long as she can get her revenge on Brooke. However, Brooke is too busy running through the woods attempting to catch up with Ray. Yes, Ray. The same character that was decapitated in “Slashdance” two episodes earlier. They hide away in the lunch quarters. Brooke decides she does not think they will make it through the evening and gives up her virginity to Ray. Grey’s Anatomy and Hollow Man have nothing on AHS: 1984 now. Maybe that is because no one saw their partner’s head in the refrigerator either.

Meanwhile, Margaret and Chet seem to be making headway to the other side of the lake. Chet seems confused as they make it halfway across the lake.  He has every right to be as he discovers that no one is on the other side of the lake. Tying the anchor around his feet, she subjects Chet to a harsh fate. One too harsh for merely taking steroids. Pleased with her killing streak, she heads back to land. She is not the only character making confessions though. Donna reveals she is the one who brought Mr. Jingles to the camp that weekend. Infuriated Xavier chases her out of the cabin as Brooke reunites with Montana once more. This is not the kind of reunion that Peaches and Herb once sang about.

'AHS: 1984' Recap: 'Red Dawn'
Brooke & Montana – AHS: 1984 – Red Dawn – 9×05 – FX Network

Wasting no time, Montana immediately attacks Brooke. Although this confuses Brooke initially as the details emerge she realizes she must escape the cabin.  She must get away from Montana. Fleeing from the cabin as well Montana is on a mission. She must accomplish what Richard has not been able to get done. She is not leaving the camp until Brooke leaves in a body bag. Despite her hunt, Brooke manages to get away from Montana briefly as Benjamin catches up with Margret. Vowing to take her life for what he has taken from him, he begins to strangle her. Despite normally being happy to see Xavier, as he shoots Benjamin dead with those arrows the disappointment crept into my heart.

The worst part though? Margaret murders Xavier in a stunning twist of the evening. Leaving his corpse, this is not even the most shocking turn of events from the night. As Benjamin seemingly comes back to life once more, Richard asks him if he gives himself to Satan. Agreeing to Richard’s terms, the show focuses back on Brooke and Montana once more. Finally catching up with her, for a brief moment we believe that Montana is finally going to see Brooke die. She is going to kill Brooke. However, at the same time, a bus of campers is pulling up for a summer of purity. Brooke somehow manages to get the upper hand once again.  Not hesitating, she stabs Montana repeatedly.  Something tells me seeing Brooke finish murdering Montana was not on the agenda.

'AHS: 1984' Recap: 'Red Dawn'
Brooke – AHS: 1984 – Red Dawn – 9×05 – FX Network

The worst part though? Margaret has found yet another person to pin her murders on! As they put Brooke in the backseat of a cop car, Margaret reveals herself. She has stabbed herself claiming that Brooke went crazy and started murdering everyone. How is it that people are so gullible to keep believing this woman? As they continue cleaning up and putting the numerous bodies in the body bag, an EMT begins to treat Ray. Noticing that he does not have a heartbeat she insists that they have to get him to the hospital sooner than later. However, as they attempt to transport him, his body leaves the ambulance and stays at Camp Redwood.

The craziest part of it all though is while it seems this very well maybe purgatory for the reminding counselors, Benjamin and Richard can leave. Who knew Satan could keep you from purgatory? I am still disappointed there is no reveal of an ancient Indian burial ground at Camp Redwood.  However, Montana revealing they are all in purgatory is pleasing all the same. This makes sense why their bodies would be trapped at the camp. What can they do to get out? Hopefully, there are clues in next week’s episode that will reveal a way out. Unless there is going to be an appearance from coven members. It is the 100th episode of AHS so who knows what could happen.

'AHS: 1984' Recap: 'Red Dawn'
Ray – AHS: 1984 – Red Dawn – 9×05 – FX Network

To find out these answers and more join us next Wednesday at 10 pm EST on FX Network.

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