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‘AHS 1984’ Recap: ‘Episode 100’

Published on October 24th, 2019 | Updated on October 24th, 2019 | By FanFest

This season on AHS: 1984 the openings of each episode have been far stronger than any other season. The openings have geared viewers up for all the twists and turns of this season. However, unlike the other episodes, including last week’s episode, this particular episode has a special name. “Episode 100” is the 100th of the series. With that said viewers were expecting some twists and turns in addition to the return of some past characters. While there were familiar faces on last night’s episode, some cameos of some Briarcliff patients would have been nice considering they went as far as to mention the property in the episode. However, the twists that did occur were not disappointing despite the predictability of some of them.

After the massacre in 1984, audiences take a journey with the surviving characters and the ghosts of Camp Redwood. The year jumps to 1985 and it appears Richard and Benjamin are not getting along with one another anymore. Benjamin insists that he cannot watch him kill anymore. He seems so bored watching Richard kill others in flashbacks. If he stops though Richard points out that he will have to pay a price. Paying twenty-five cents for a paper, Benjamin gives the newspaper to an older woman. As he nods into the convenience store, Benjamin gears up to leave him behind. Watching Benjamin leave Richard being pummeled in the street while REO Speedwagon plays in the background is one of the best openings I have ever seen on the show.

Benjamin - Mr. Jingles - John Carroll Lynch - AHS: 1984 - Episode 100
Benjamin – Mr. Jingles – John Carroll Lynch – AHS: 1984 – Episode 100 – 9×6 – FX Network

The most infuriating aspect of the show is seeing that Margaret has become this mogul of the macabre. She buys murder houses essentially and turns them around for profit. Although the idea is quite genius considering people are intrigued by these details, the fact she has gotten away with two massacres and is free angers me. Out of all the villains of past seasons I have never wanted to see a character get what is coming to them as much as her. The craziest part of all this though is learning that Trevor is her husband! No one truly stays dead very long this season this year. Well, except the ghosts.

In this case, I’m glad to see that Trevor is still alive. All things considered, I felt he truly did have a good heart. This was right up until he let Brooke take the fall for Margaret. Despite it being his word against hers, Brooke did not deserve to be in prison for crimes she did not commit. Regardless of how sick he was about her taking the fall for Margaret he still did nothing, losing what little credibility he had with me this season. I cannot fathom knowing that someone is innocent and letting the guilty party run free just for some money. Wealth and privilege he is seemingly over I might add until the new murders start taking place at Camp Redwood.

Courtney - Leslie Jordan - AHS: 1984 - Episode 100
Courtney – Leslie Jordan – AHS: 1984 – Episode 100 – 9×6 – FX Network

Murders committed primarily by Montana and Xavier I’m guessing. As numerous people have made their way to the camp since the murders, the two have embraced their darkness and started a murder spree of their own. Over the years, through an argument between the two and Ray, it appears that Ray has cleaned up after them. Not anymore. After one of my favorite kills of the season with Xavier slashing some poor woman’s throat after saying, “Bye B!#&*” to her, Ray finally loses what composure he has toward them. Without someone covering up for them, the bodies of the latest victims are found. This garners the exact attention that Margaret needs to continue building her empire.

Despite the chaos and the lack of happy endings by the time jump to 1989 occurs, there is at least one line that leaves viewers satisfied. Benjamin receives his happily ever after and a major makeover. After changing his name and moving to Alaska, he not only has a wife he has a son. That is what makes Richard summoning Satan from his jail cell and using a security guard to escape and kill Richard’s wife even more upsetting. He was never a killer in the first place. He just wanted to be normal again. As he puts back on the slicker and we hear the keys jingle, audiences are reminded just how far good old fashioned revenge can motivate a character in the horror genre.

Brooke - Emma Roberts - AHS: 1984 - Episode 100
Brooke – Emma Roberts – AHS: 1984 – Episode 100 – 9×6 – FX Network

Although we know and prep ourselves for the duration of the episode that Brooke is innocent, we easily become enraged at the thought of a music and food festival at Camp Redwood. Margaret has found yet another way to make everyone love her once more. Everyone besides Brooke and everyone else she killed at Redwood. The spirits want revenge. Whether or not they receive it is another story altogether. However, upon listening to them they do insist she will get what is coming to her. I hope that Brooke finds her way back to the camp to kill her. After enduring a lethal injection and dying in prison, another plot twist occurs.

After Brooke lets Margaret know she is in the viewing room of the execution chamber, Brooke serves her sentence in prison. She is executed. However, the entire time a hooded figure was in the room. I kept thinking, someone will help her out of the prison. Little did I know that person would bring her back to life. The shocking part of this twist is who helped her make it out of the prison alive. Donna! I think her motives now revolve around the research behind people are who are framed. Are they more prone to kill afterward? This might not have anything to do with psychology but that seems like an interesting reason to free her besides the fact she’s innocent.

Margaret & Trevor - Leslie Grossman & Matthew Morrison - AHS: 1984 - Episode 100
Margaret & Trevor – Leslie Grossman & Matthew Morrison – AHS: 1984 – Episode 100 – 9×6 – FX Network

With all these potential characters returning to Camp Redwood, on top of the ghosts, which characters will live through the season? Will Trevor finally turn his back on Margaret? After all, he would inherit her empire. Will the ghosts kill Benjamin even though ultimately their deaths were due to Margaret and Donna? Did you enjoy the 100th episode of the show? Did you expect more from “Episode 100” or more familiar faces? Let us know your answers in the comments below.

Hopefully, we find out these answers next Wednesday at 10 pm EST on FX Network.

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