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After Mad Titan Thanos, What’s Next?

Published on January 7th, 2019 | Updated on January 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

With just one snap of his finger, it was all over. Marvel, you’ve brought us a lot of tears this year, but it was expected after the tears didn’t come in Age Of Ultron. We had to carry a pack of tissues specifically for Avengers: Infinity War, to prepare ourselves for what was to come. Don’t let us start about Avengers: Endgame. That movie will be emotional on a whole new level.

Have you ever wondered how our favorite heroes will come back together and how they ever will defeat Thanos? It’s been on my mind a lot lately, but what’s more on my mind is: What’s next? Many speculations are going on Quora or Reddit, but I would like to highlight a few specific ideas of who will replace the mad titan Thanos.

One thing that I agree with my friend James about is that Thanos is too strong to defeat on the first try.
“I think Thanos might be one of those villains that hang around for a while. Part of me wants Thanos to get a spectacular death but the other part also wants to see Thanos return as he has done in the comics, he just doesn’t go away.” – James

Regarding what is to come, James and I thought we might put a few ideas out there of what could be next. Our first thought was Galactus.

After Mad Titan Thanos, What's Next?
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If you don’t know who Galactus is, let me give you a small introduction. You can compare him a little to Thanos by his history. He was born on the planet Taa and was a sole survivor right before the universe got a reset button. Before Galactus became the powerful being he is, he was a genius on his planet, and he saw what was happening to his planet before the people did. The sixth version of the world was dying, but sentient of the universe called Eternity decided to safe Galan’s life. He was chosen by Eternity because he was still alive after the people of Taa went into battle to save their planet.

Eternity and Galan sat in a ship together until the Big Bang happened and worlds were created. They became The Watchers and oversaw the worlds existing in the universe. After an incident of war erupting between two planets because of being given advanced technology by the Watchers, they swore to not interfere in other planet’s affairs. They both were incubated for years to come, that’s how they survived for so long. It was in this period that they created a suit to harness the powerful energy coursing through his body. Nothing stays peaceful for long, they got attacked, and that’s how Galactus was born. Oh, and he was hungry… for planets. His hunger grew over the years, and he created beings to find worlds for him to devour. It was the Silver Surfer that led Galactus to the earth.

You probably already know what way we could want to go with this, James mentioned the X-Men which would fit in perfectly into the MCU to introduce the Tyran that would make everyone tremble on their feet!

“Regarding what is next, and considering recent Fox deals and developments surrounding the X-men, I think Galactus would be a great step forward. However, similar to the likes of Unicron from Transformers, and even Ego from the Marvel comics who is actually a planet, can a giant villain on that scale work? Or would they find a way to scale him down but still make him as powerful as he is. Introducing Galactus would also fulfill a dream of mine, which is to see the Silver Surfer return to the big screen. The two go hand in hand. If Galactus isn’t joined by the Surfer, then something has gone wrong. Say what you will about the other Fantastic Four films, but the visual representation of the Silver Surfer was spot on.” – James

The thing is, to introduce Galactus you need to have a Silver Surfer for it to make sense. Also, are there any breadcrumbs that they will leave in the future phases of the Marvel movies to introduce him? Or will audiences see it immediately after ten years of the MCU?

What do you think? Do you believe Galactus will appear next? If so, do you think they’ll introduce the world with a new Silver Surfer on our screen? Let us know in the comments below.

Special thanks to my colleague James Lister for joining me and putting our brains together for this article. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!


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