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A Throwback: Some of 2019’s best Super Bowl Commercials

Published on February 14th, 2022 | Updated on February 14th, 2022 | By FanFest

The Super Bowl is known for its contentious match-ups, controversial plays, and of course, the custom commercials aired throughout the game. Over 110 million people watch the big game each year.

Due to heightened anticipation ahead of time, there are so many ads made for the Super Bowl that it’s nearly impossible to pick out a winner before they even air! This year has been no different. A new study by Ace Metrix ranks these 21 ads based on their predicted popularity among viewers. The list takes into account factors such as entertainment value, relevance to theme of the game, creativity used in producing them, how well they understand what makes Super Bowl viewers tick , along with opinions from Ace Metrix employees . Here some of 2019’s top contenders for best Super Bowl commercial.

2019 Top Contenders for Best Super Bowl Commercial

Tide – This ad is really creative and entertaining, but it doesn’t seem like a commercial people will revisit over and over again which lowers its entertainment value and likability. Alessandro: Ace Score: 811, Category: Entertainment Value

Amazon Alexa – The spot nails the traditional conventions of what makes up a good commercial, with an adorable A-list celeb pairing with fun humor that makes you want to be part of the brand’s culture. Plus, it has cross-generational appeal that many advertisers aim for in events such as this one. Alessandro: Ace Score: 854, Category: Entertainment Value

Pepsi – A commercial that honors the legacy of activism associated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Alessandro: Ace Score: 868, Category: Relevance to theme of game

Bud Light – The spot features a hilarious celebrity reference to an iconic pop culture moment in time while making light-hearted fun of itself in typical Bud Light fashion. Most importantly, the ad plays on the excitement of sports fans during their favorite moments in games and is likely to make many super bowl viewers feel they are part of something special despite its simplicity Alessandro: Ace Score: 902, Category: Creativity used in producing them

IHOP – This customer experience ad featuring someone actually ordering pancakes is clever enough to make most super bowl viewers laugh out loud. Alessandro: Ace Score: 924, Category: Entertainment Value

Pringles – This ad has everything you want in a super bowl commercial- it’s entertaining, relevant to the game, and makes viewers feel something when they watch it. Alessandro: Ace Score: 925, Category: Relevance to the theme of game

They are all great examples of companies creating ads with “something” special that will appeal to this year’s Super Bowl audience. It may be hard for consumers to predict which spots will come out on top in 2019 but if history has taught us anything about Super Bowl commercials, it’s that they’re fleeting by nature. Last night’s lineup of ads surely contains a few contenders to put up a fight against the commercial classics.

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