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A ‘She-Hulk’ Viral Marketing Campaign Allows You to Contact the Big Green Lawyer Directly

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is shaping up to be a unique superhero series. The series will take inspiration from classic comic book arcs and feature Tatiana Maslany‘s main character attempting to balance her career as an ambitious attorney with being a massive gamma radiation-fueled green colossus.

The Disney Plus debut is rapidly approaching, and this weekend there will be a lot of marketing activity at San Diego Comic-Con. Messages for the program are placed about the convention, and if you dial the number provided, you’ll hear this voicemail message.

The announcement concludes with the revelation of GLK&H’s “superhuman law division,” which serves vigilant clients who have been charged for damaging cities while trying to preserve them. There’s also a little dig at Iron Man, asking callers if they simply “accidentally created a sentient robot that felt and attempted to destroy the world?”

But that’s just the start of it. Marvel Studios will present its “mega-panel” in Hall H tomorrow, and fans are hoping for some major news. But we can probably anticipate a new She-Hulk trailer as well. Series lead Jameela Jamil has confirmed her appearance, and we anticipate Tatiana Maslany to join her.

The release of the first She-Hulk trailer was met with a storm of protestation over the quality of the CGI, so it’ll be interesting to see whether any new footage looks significantly better.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on Disney in 2022.

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