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A New Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Television Series is in Development for Disney’s Streaming Service

Thursday was a great day for Star Wars fans!  Not only was an announcement made that the film franchise will be continuing with a brand new trilogy adventure helmed by Rian Johnson but, it was also announced that the Star Wars saga will be getting a new incarnation in the television world as well.

Disney is developing a brand new live-action Star Wars series set to air on the company’s new streaming service platform starting in 2019.  Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the news during the company’s quarterly earnings call with investors on Thursday.

In addition to the new Star Wars series, Disney is also developing new content for their streaming service involving the beloved characters from Monsters Inc. and High School Musical.  The company is also working on a new Marvel series ahead of their new streaming platform launch which is also set for 2019.

Earlier this year, Disney announced its plan to cut ties with Netflix and form their own streaming service platform, however, the fate of productions by Lucasfilm and Marvel remained in question.  Just weeks after the initial announcement, Iger confirmed that Lucasfilm and Marvel productions would also be moving to Disney’s new streaming service.

What do you think of all this awesome Star Wars news?  Are you excited about the new live-action series and the new trilogy?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

A New Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Television Series is in Development for Disney’s Streaming Service


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter