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A Little Recap About Why Littlefinger Was the Worst

Published on August 30th, 2017 | Updated on November 29th, 2023 | By FanFest

A Little Recap About Why Littlefinger Was the Worst

This post contains spoilers from basically every season of Game of Thrones, so read at your own risk, people!

Well, it finally happened. After a season of making us think the Starks were turning against each other we were rewarded with Littlefinger being taken out by Sansa and Arya who had been plotting against him the entire time! There should not have been one person who was upset to see Lord Baelish breathe his last breath because this dude was single-handedly behind or played a hand in almost every single major event that totally ruined the Stark family. He was probably the smartest character on the show and would have continued to get away with things if it weren’t for Bran being able to literally see everything. However, since he’s Littlefinger he will forever be the worst.

A Little Recap About Why Littlefinger Was the Worst

Let’s just take a quick look at the laundry list of things that Littlefinger, solidifying him as the smarmiest character on the series.

  • Littlefinger conspired with Lysa Arryn to kill Jon Arryn (Lord of the Vale/ Hand of the King) by giving Lysa Tears of Lys to murder him with
  • Littlefinger had Lysa tell the Stark’s that she thought the Lannisters poisoned Jon leading to:
    • Ned Stark heading to King’s Landing to investigate
    • Further conflict between the major houses that later erupted into an all out war
  • Littlefinger told Catelyn that the dagger used in the attempted assassination of Bran belonged to Tyrion
  • Littlefinger betrayed Ned Stark, causing him to be seized and executed
  • He killed his wife, Lysa Arryn, by pushing her out of the Moon Door and taking over the Vale
  • He sold Sansa to the Boltons, which then led to her horrific marriage to the psychotic Ramsay Bolton.
  • He tried to drive a wedge between Sansa and Arya.

Let’s start from the beginning with the death of Jon Arryn. In the pilot, we learned that Jon Arryn, who had been serving as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon, had died. They said he died of a fever, but in actuality, he was killed by a poison that Littlefinger gave to Jon’s wife, Lysa. Even though Littlefinger had been in love with Catelyn Stark, he made her sister Lysa believe that he was in love with her in order for her to go along with his plan.

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His plan continued on when he told Lysa to send a raven to Catelyn Stark in Winterfell saying that she believed the Lannister’s murdered Jon. This revelation struck a chord with Ned, who had served as Jon Arryn’s ward prior to Robert’s Rebellion. So, Ned decided to take the position of Hand and go to King’s Landing to investigate what really happened to Jon Arryn. Littlefinger was also behind the simultaneous plot line of having Tyrion Lannister framed for the attempted assassination of Bran Stark by telling Catelyn that the dagger used in the attempt was Tyrion’s, further cementing the rift between the families. Of course, Littlefinger was the one who sent both the assassin and the dagger.

So, in a sense, these moves are basically what caused the rifts between three major houses in Westeros – the Baratheons, Lannisters and the Starks and started all of the drama.

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Eventually, King Robert ended up dying from a “boar attack” that was actually at the hands of Cersei. In addition to this, Ned Stark was also discovering, with a little help from Littlefinger, that Cersei’s children were born of incest with her brother Jamie and not King Robert, making them unable to take the throne.

Littlefinger suggested to Ned that they let Joffrey take the throne anyway and provide him with counsel. This would have allowed Ned to become Joffrey’s regent and Littlefinger to become Ned’s right-hand man, giving him the power he had so dearly craved.

Of course, the honorable Ned Stark refused this option and wanted to expose Cersei’s secret and put Stannis Baratheon on the throne. This decision would not fare well for Littlefinger so he decided to switch sides to the Lannister’s and have Ned seized and killed for treason. When the City Watch turned on Ned Stark, Littlefinger came and put a knife to his throat and said “I did warn you not to trust me,” in a move that earned him the trust of the Lannisters*.

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*Granted, he did later conspire with the Tyrell’s to murder Joffrey (praise) once he realized they were stronger allies for him, but he ended up taking Sansa under his control and we all know how that turned out.

He then marries Lysa Arryn and ultimately pushes her out of the Moon Door, bringing Sansa further into his web, thinking that he did it to protect her while also becoming Lord of the Vale. Also, he pulled this shit-


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All of this (and more) essentially led to every terrible thing that happened to the Stark family starting with Ned’s death and including the infamous Red Wedding and Sansa’s marriage to the Ramsay. So, when he tried to come between the Stark sisters, much like he did with Catelyn and Lysa, he didn’t realize that they were onto him and thankfully, they had the help of Bran and his Three Eyed Raven abilities to help them.


Some well-deserved justice was finally brought to the master of manipulation at the hands of the family whose lives he ruined and it was poetic AF. It totally mirrored the scene in which he betrayed Ned Stark back in Season 1. Just as the City Watch turned on Ned, the men of Winterfell and the Vale turned on Littlefinger.

He was served his sentence by Sansa, who again, had a million reasons to hate him (Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay), and the execution was delivered by Arya slitting his throat. This was symbolic in two ways. The first being that it was reminiscent of him holding the knife to Ned’s throat when he betrayed him. The second being that slicing his throat was them taking away his one weapon – his voice. He talked and manipulated his way through seven seasons, so it was a beautiful ending to see it finally taken away from him…mid sentence.

Yay, some justice at last!

RIP Littlefinger. You were a smart dude but will actually not be missed at all.

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