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8 Times Season 8 of ‘The Walking Dead’ Actually Made Us Laugh Out Loud

Published on February 22nd, 2018 | Updated on July 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead isn’t exactly a series that’s made to bring the laughs, but every once in a while they manage to get some good humor in there. There was a time when we could always count on Abraham:

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And most recently we’ve had Jerry:

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But the first half of season 8 really raised the bar when it came to humor. Some of it was actually funny and some of it so absurd that it was funny by default. So, we rounded up 8 of our favorite funny moments from 8A for your enjoyment as we get through these next couple of days before the midseason premiere this Sunday the 25th!

1. The Pancake Scene

After being exposed as a traitor to the Hilltop, Gregory comes crawling back in hopes of being let back in as if nothing had even happened. He’s promptly put his place by Maggie who is not having any of it.

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Well, Gregory did not take too kindly to Kal ratting him out so he shoots out an insult unaware that Kal was keeping watch at the top of the gate.

The two then being a rather interesting exchange about pancakes that had us all scratching our heads but laughing none the less.

Gregory: Kal, come on you know you can be dramatic. That thing with the pancakes?
Kal: You mean when you ate a little girl’s pancakes?
Gregory: I did not eat those pancakes!

It definitely looks like Kal and Gregory have some issues to work through, to say the least. Either way, we appreciated the random scene, especially amongst the backdrop of an artillery heavy season the show had thus far. Also, we demand more Kal!

2. Gunther

In “Some Guy” we had to watch nearly the entire Kingdom army be brutally killed, reanimate, and then attempt to kill their fearless leader King Eziekel. As if that wasn’t enough, in the episode’s closing moments, Shiva sacrificed herself to a horde of walkers to save him as he watched in horror. Long story short, it was completely devastating, but there was one Savior walking around that provided some distraction and humor throughout the episode, Gunther:

His presence in the episode was extremely jarring, from his looks to the way he spoke and carried himself. He looked like he had popped right out of the ’80s and was extremely creepy in his demeanor. He just didn’t belong and often took away from the intense scenes he was meant to be sharing with Ezekiel.

He was deemed by the fans (and Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick) to be Jeffrey Dahmer 2.0.

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But the jokes didn’t stop there…

Thankfully, Jerry showed up and split Gunther right in half, but we will never forget him and his scene-stealing hipster glasses.

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3. Gabriel Being Creepy…As Usual

Father Gabriel has always had an…interesting presence on The Walking Dead, especially when it came to Negan. Exhibit A:

So, this season when the two of them were trapped in the trailer surrounded by walkers we knew that we were in for a treat. While the two were talking Gabriel dropped this little number signed with his signature “freaky-ass smile” and we totally lost it.

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And we weren’t the only ones:

It’s really better watched with the sound – check it out below!

4. Jadis’ Sculpting

Look, everyone’s got their hobbies in the zombie apocalypse. Rick? He’s in it for the ‘Gram and all about that photography.

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Jadis? Well, she’s into sculpting…

So, as we neared closer to the dramatic midseason finale, you’d think that things like Jadis’ sculpting habits would be sidelined for a bit. Well, that was not the case. After attempting to make another deal with Heapsters, Rick managed to find himself nearly naked and being held hostage in a storage container.  When they finally let him come out he’s met with Jadis, her camera, and a sketch artist.

However, if there’s one thing that Rick Grimes will not stand for, it’s being trapped in a box (and apparently being sculpted). So, when Jadis brings him to his “after”, which was basically him being tied up while a metal-headed walker is led his way, he wasted no time kicking some serious ass.

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He manages to get Jadis’ face right in front of the walker’s mouth and tells her exactly what’s going to happen and basically says what we are all thinking. Keep being weird for the sake of being weird, but just do it on your own time.

Of course, in the midst of their final deal-making, Jadis couldn’t resist trying to finagle a way to still be able to sculpt Rick on top of getting an equal share of the Savior’s stuff and thangs.

As out of place as it seems, the running gag of Jadis’ sculpting and obsession with Rick is pretty great – but only in small doses.

5. Daryl Killing Morales

Long-time fans of The Walking Dead were totally surprised by the return of Morales, an Atlanta survivor that we hadn’t seen since Season 1.

The reveal was extremely exciting and posed so many questions. Clearly, Morales was on the Savior’s side, but would he eventually be an integral part in helping Rick win the war against Negan? Is he going to be the one to get through to Rick during his “All Out War” mode? A reminder as to what his life could have been had he made a decision differently? Surely, we all thought – Morales’ return has to be important.

D) None of the above!

Daryl literally just comes in and kills Morales 2 seconds later.

So, we spent 95 episodes without Morales only for him to come back and be immediately killed.

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I guess they just wanted to tie that loose end up so people would stop wondering where Morales was, but surely there could have been a better way to do that.

6. The Bazooka

This was both incredibly awesome yet so incredibly ridiculous that it was actually funny.

7. Rick & Daryl’s Fight

Remember how almost the entire Kingdom army died while trying to take down a Savior compound and seize their guns? And remember how awesome it was when Rick and Daryl showed up at the perfect time to intercept the truck carrying said guns, but then they actually ended up flipping it?

It didn’t stop there though. Eventually, the pair finds a bag of dynamite and come to blows over what to do with it. Daryl wanted to use it to blow up the Sanctuary and let the walkers inside, whereas Rick thought that a line needed to be drawn between the Savior soldiers and the workers who are seemingly innocent. So, being the petty ass that he is, Rick takes the bag and throws it over to the truck and the two start throwing punches and chokeholds all over the place.

Only for the entire truck to literally blow up, destroying all of the guns on board. The two have to just sit there looking all pathetic as we all watch the goal of the past three episodes go up in flames. Seriously, they had spent a few episodes trying to figure out where the guns were and how to take them.

Then to top it all off and hit a man while he’s down, Daryl finds it to be the perfect moment to whip out this little diddy:

Never change you two.

8. Rick’s Jaunty Escape

Fans were finally hoping to get the big Negan vs. Rick showdown in Season 8’s midseason finale, and what they got was a definitely a fight between Negan and Rick, but one that clearly took place in a midseason finale. The story isn’t finished yet so neither one of these characters was going to die in the fight, but the way that it ended actually made us laugh out loud.

First, Negan does the ultimate lean and flops on down to the ground like an actual fish:

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Then Rick actually gets his hands on Lucille – A BAT. WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE – but he hits Negan with the bottom of it, because that makes sense.

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But the best part comes shortly after. Since Rick decided to simply bop Negan in the nose, Negan’s able to get back up and shove Rick out the window, and even though Rick has his gun he chooses to just do this jovial little jaunt off into the fog.

Animated GIF

Like, what is this???

Animated GIF


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I’m not sure if anyone else found his exit strategy to be completely hilarious, but it’s been over two months since it happened and it still makes me chuckle.

Were there any moments from season 8 so far that made you LOL? We want to hear them!


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