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5 Minute Sit Down with ‘Fear The Walking Dead’s’ Jenna Elfman!

Welcome dear readers to an exciting interview that I was able to catch up with Jenna Elfman during Fan Fest Nashville 2018 and spend a few minutes talking with her about ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and the podcast her and her husband co-host. I have been a fan since her comedy series ‘Dharma and Greg‘ so when I heard she had made the transition to not only a serious role but a horror-action role, I was intrigued. The moment her character ‘Naomi‘ made her debut on Fear The Walking Dead, she has made her mark in the ‘Walking Dead’ universe.

Rachel Bryant: I have always loved your comedy roles, so how has the transition to action-horror been?

Jenna Elfman: It has been great! I had been craving the need to be under the human conditioning more, to be able to stay in the moments of the story. In comedy, it is a completely different architecture of performance. I am feeling really really satisfied with this show.

RB: How is it different physically?

JE: It is really demanding.

RB: Do you do a lot of your own stunts?

JE: I am actually a trained dancer. So, I have that faculty to do my own stunts nothing that I will get hurt but some are challenging. I do walk away with a fair share of bumps and bruises, but I love it. They always make sure I am safe. I have great stunt people so if it is a fall or really dangerous they do that.

RB: Were you a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ before you got the role?

JE: I hadn’t watched much of either show, mainly because I do not watch much television at all. Of course, now I have seen all of both shows. I am now an obsessed fan like everyone else.

RB: Are you more of a fan of ‘The Walking Dead‘ or ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? (Yes, silly question but I had to ask just in case)

JE: I love what we are doing with the new season it is fresh, plus I am biased for my own show and season 4. Because season 4 is AWESOME!

RB: Do you have any other projects you are working on?

JE: Not right now, this is time-consuming. My husband and I have been together for 27 years and we have a podcast that you can watch on iTunes called ‘Kicking and Screaming‘. It is a comedy podcast about our relationship. It is basically comical take on relationships and the annoying politics and the joy of marriage.

I truly enjoyed my brief time with her and I am grateful she was able to take a few minutes to speak with me. She was so sweet and as I watched her interact with the fans in line I was moved by how kind she was to each and every one of them. As I have said before when a celebrity is kind and treats a fan with kindness it always makes my heart smile. I hope you have been watching the new season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ and catching Jenna Elfman in her new role and see how the queen of comedy now is the queen of action.