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2019 TV Roundup: Our favourite finales

Published on May 24th, 2019 | Updated on May 24th, 2019 | By FanFest


It’s been a wild year for TV, and as the 2018/19 season comes to a close, we here at FanFest are still processing some of the best finales this season had to offer. Two writers have shared their top finale moments this summer. Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook what shows had your jaw dropping this year.



“This season’s finale hit me, and half of Twitter, in such an unexpected way. The show was building up to a massive union war with corporate and even hinting at a breakdown of Jonah and Amy’s relationship, so to have an immigration raid hit the store was so left field no-one saw it coming, even though Mateo’s illegal status has been an underlying storyline since Season 1. The whole cast played it wonderfully, from the jealousy of who knew and when, to Dina desperately trying to help the group escape from her ever watching cameras. The show is so wacky that I truly saw Mateo living in the crawl space with Marcus, so when it cut to him in the back of the ICE van, I felt the defeat of the whole team.” Clare Brunton



Twitter @CW_Riverdale


“I don’t even understand my own feelings on this finale. This show has come such a long way and I applaud it for making these outrageous storylines seem real but this finale felt very rushed and very much like a fantasy. I’m so happy we finally know who the Gargoyle King and that we were given answers to season long questions, but we were also left with so many questions. For example, where did the Farmers ascend to? Why is the insanely attractive Edgar Evernever harvesting organs? But at the same time I loved every minute of the dramatic finale.” Beth Shiller

The Big Bang Theory



“Going into this finale I was very nervous. Were they going to do it justice, or was this going to be another How I Met Your Mother fiasco. (I love the show but I’m not over that ending…) but this finale was incredibly sweet and it tied up a ton of loose ends, like the elevator, and honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more. Well, I do believe Raj deserved a more conclusive ending to his search for love, but at the same time, no one he dated really deserved him. But I was so happy with this ending that I cried almost the whole 2 part episode. To me it was perfect.” Beth Shiller


Supergirl/The CW

“It may be called Supergirl, but the Luthor’s stole the show in this finale. Between Lex’s grant My Way opening, to the dramatic final showdown between brother and sister, it’s empowering to see Lena finally stand up to him, but at what cost? Finding out Kara’s secret, and what hiding it means for their friendship sets up an interesting arc next season for Lena, will we finally see her go full Luthor? And based on the ending, this isn’t the last we’re seeing of Lex…” Clare Brunton

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