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15 Times Negan Gifted Us With a Perfect One-Liner on ‘The Walking Dead’

Published on April 22nd, 2019 | Updated on April 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Love him or hate him, Negan has certainly made his mark on The Walking Dead universe. While he’s currently in the midst of a redemption arc heading into season 10, the character has created quite the visceral reaction amongst fans of the show. I mean, you can’t kill Glenn and expect to just to be forgiven. It was going to take a special kind of man to bring the notorious wise-cracking a-hole to life, and it was a role that Jeffrey Dean Morgan stepped into seamlessly. So, in honor of JDM’s 53rd birthday, we’ve rounded up 15 Negan one-liners that were actually birthday gifts to us.

*All gifs are courtesy of AMC and some quotes do include Negan-esque language*

1. “Yep, it’s gonna be pee pee pants city here real soon.”

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2. “I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-deaky.”

<p><strong>Season 7, “Service”</strong><br /><br />When one of his Saviors minions found a videotape of Rick during a search of Alexandria, Negan jumped to conclusions about what he might find on the film. “Well, well, well… what do we have here? I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little freaky deaky,” he very excitedly told a very unamused Rick.<br /><br />(Credit: AMC) </p>

3. “Your moth is all puffed up like a baboons ass.”

<p><strong>Season 7, “The Cell”</strong><br /><br />Negan was convinced he could break Daryl and lure him into joining the Saviors. But neither the torture of dog food sandwiches and horrific Polaroids of his dead friend nor the promise of perks and a leadership position within the Sanctuary could sway Daryl. Negan did acknowledge that all those salty — we guess — sammies had left Daryl parched, though. “Your mouth is all puffed up like a baboon’s a**,” he said, and ordered Dwight to get Daryl a straw for his glass of water.<br /><br />(Credit: AMC) </p>

4. “I could never do this with Rick. He would just be standing there, scowling, giving me that annoying side eye he gives me.”

<p><strong>Season 7, “Hearts Still Beating”</strong><br /><br />As Spencer continued to try to worm his way into a side deal with Negan during a game of pool, Negan allowed him to think they were bonding. “I could never do this with Rick,” he told Spencer. “He would just be standing there, scowling, giving me that annoying side-eye he gives me.”<br /><br />(Credit: AMC) </p>

5. “Holy crap, you are creepy as shit sneaking up on me wearing that collar with that freaky ass smile.”

<p><strong>Season 7, “Service”</strong><br /><br />He had plenty of moments of pure weasel-ry, but we had to give it up for Father Gabriel when his quick-thinking took Negan off the hunt for Maggie. While Negan shared with Rick his plans to get to know widow Maggie better, Gabriel sidled up on Negan to make him think Maggie had died after Negan killed Glenn and Abraham. “Holy crap, you are creepy as sh*t sneaking up on me wearing that collar with that freaky a** smile!” Negan said to Gabriel, who remained cool and calm as he asked Negan if he’d like to pay his respects to Maggie at a grave Gabriel had mocked up to look like Maggie’s final resting place.<br /><br />(Credit: AMC) </p>

6. “You’ve got some beach ball sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze-like that.”

<p><strong>Season 7, “Something They Need”</strong><br /><br />Sasha had, as Negan pointed out, created quite a fracas when she infiltrated the Sanctuary all on her own, but he also admitted to her that he was pretty impressed by her skills and her boldness, especially after he realized she’d been one of Rick’s group, one who had witnessed Abe and Glenn’s deaths. “I gotta hand it to you,” he told her. “You’ve got some beach ball-sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze like that.”<br /><br />(Credit: AMC) </p>

7. “I gotta ask…if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over? You know what I’m thinking? Because I have a guess. It’s because you got no guts.”

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8. “You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick named Rick who thought he knew shit but didn’t know shit and got everyone he cared about killed? It’s about you.”

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9. “Little Pig! Little pig, let me in!”

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10. “Lucille is thirsty. She’s a vampire bat!”

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11. “I just slipped my d–k down your throat, and you thanked me for it.”

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12. “Well pardon me, young man. Excuse the shit out of my god damned French, but did you just threaten me?”

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13. “I hope you got your shitting pants on. ‘Cause you’re about to shit your pants.”

14. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy!”

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15. “Lucille, give me strength!”

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We are definitely missing some, so please hit us up with your favorite Negan one-liners in the comments!

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

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