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15 Things Pennywise Would Have to Say To Lure People Into the Sewer

Published on September 21st, 2017 | Updated on September 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

Unless you’ve been lurking in a sewer somewhere, you know that It opened up in theaters last weekend to resounding success. Yep, the tale of the demented and child-terrorizing Pennywise the clown that lives under the town of Derry, Maine shot to the top of the box office, smashing records along the way.

Now, if you haven’t been lurking in a sewer somewhere, it’s time to ask yourself just what would Pennywise have to say to get you down in one? Here are some of the answers that, like Georgie’s boat, have been floating around the internet.

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1. Immediately sold. 

2. Any Logan fans?

3. Moms will relate.

4. I’d go even if it was just the crappy quality leaked one.

5. Everyone needs a backup option for when the person whose login they have doesn’t have unlimited screens. 

6. All Out Sewer War.

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7. Genius <3

8. I would have gone in a heartbeat for textbooks as well. 

9. What show would you crawl into the sewer for?

A Twitter user also asked people “What Would Pennywise Have to Say To Get You To Go Down There?” and the results were again, classic. 






15. And here’s a reverse situation just for good measure!

What’s yours?

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