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13 Times Tom Holland Couldn’t Keep a Marvel Secret

Published on December 15th, 2017 | Updated on December 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

1. When Marvel wouldn’t let him read the Infinity War Script:

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2. And always keep a close eye on him during press junkets:

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3. So much so that he tends to have adult chaperones at the Infinity War interviews.

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4. Because the reporters know just the right questions to lure Tom into a spoiler:

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5. And because they know that if he knew the secrets he would definitely tell us. Tom Holland has actually confirmed this.

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6. Let’s not forget that one time he revealed that Spider-Man would be a trilogy:

7. And casually forgot he was on live TV and dropped this Homecoming spoiler:

8. Or when he forgot to turn in his Homecoming script at the end of the day:

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9. And literally had to burn it on video so they knew that he destroyed it:

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10. It kind of makes you wonder if this is an all-around Marvel thing or just a Tom Holland/Spider-Man thing:

11. So, now Marvel/Sony have to stalk his Instagram to make sure his posts are okay:

12. But they’ve both clearly embraced his loose lips as evident when he “accidentally” leaked a “confidential” poster for Infinity War. Best marketing tactic ever.

13. And this tweet:

Basically, we can’t wait for the upcoming Infinity War press tour, which will surely be a stressful time for Marvel and all of Holland’s Avenger chaperones!

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