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13 Reasons Why Cast and Crew Prepared for ‘Debate’ in Dealing with Hannah’s Death

With the news that a second season of 13 Reasons Why was confirmed, members of the cast and crew have been in the media more talking about the first season, the controversy surrounding it, and why the series addressed the issues that it did with such full force.

The series, which debuted earlier this year on Netflix, was a project that was important to everyone on set. From Selena Gomez, who made it her mission to get this project started, to the cast members who took on the roles of the characters – they were all on set but also viewers of the series, they felt it on a different level than audiences at home.

There have been some people who say that the show was too honest and too open, that it glorified issues that teenagers deal with and glamourized others. However, the film’s aim is to bring these hard to discuss topics to your face without the ability to look the other way.

Tom McCarthy spoke with E! News at the Netflix FYSee event for 13 Reasons Why on the response to Hannah’s death – he called it a debate over a controversy.

You always want to make a show that connects and I think we knew we were making a show we felt we were onto something with the show we were creating. You can never anticipate a response, especially with the young adult viewers…I don’t know if controversy is the right word…it’s a debate, it’s a conversation and there is proof on both sides who have very strong reactions to it, and I think that’s exciting.

He also said that it wasn’t a decision they took lightly, but they felt that it was the best way to handle the death – to face it and not to shy away.

You know they’re going to live on, as this one has, but I feel as a company we felt this was the best way to go at it. To not shy away, and to really present it as it is. That came through a lot of discussion and serious thought and I think we all stand by it.’

Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay on the series said he knew that these types of discussions would be coming. He also said that, so far, it’s been for the better – these conversations needed to happen. While the backlash exists, a lot of support does as well; the series opened a door that will, hopefully, remain open.

I thought it was going to come even quicker because I don’t think people are used for this being addressed to their faces like this, so full on…I knew it was going to come, and I think a lot of it has been for the better because it’s only started more conversations.

Katherine Langford also spoke about Hannah’s death, saying she’d been playing Hannah for six months before they filmed that scene but that the stage had been set. It’s also been revealed that mental health specialists were on set at all times for the cast members to work with and speak to about the scenes they filmed. Those on set took precautions and care in making the series.

We’re gearing up for season 2 of the series, and while it’s not set to be released until 2018, there are a lot of articles being published about what went into making season 1 and what to expect from season 2. Be on the look out for more from us too!

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