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Stars of 13 Reasons Why Talk Possible Second Season

Published on May 2nd, 2017 | Updated on May 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

The stars of 13 Reasons Why, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford, are currently on top of the world as the world talks about their hit series. Selena Gomez was ‘holding on’ to the novel for years before she put it into production with author, Jay Asher, and the project meant a lot to her, to Asher, and to the cast.

While there remains a difference in opinions on whether or not the show serves a purpose or ‘glamorizes suicide’ – it’s one of the most talked about television shows in recent history – and with good reason. The tale of Hannah Baker, played by Langford, is one that too many young adults are subjected to, and while it’s easy to pretend that they all have happy endings – quite frankly – they do not.

Today, bullying occurs more than ever. It happens in person and on social media and more often than not, it’s a game of who can break someone first. It’s vicious, and Hannah’s story shows that.

Both Langford and Minnette joined Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show to discuss being on the show and what they felt about the controversy surrounding it. They agreed, as did Ellen, that they were bringing into the light conversations that needed to be started. Yes, the show is heavy, but it’s not uncommon, unfortunately. Neither Langford or Minnette take their roles in the series or as the cast members that play those characters lightly.

Ellen then asked if there would be a second season and they both shrugged and replied with ‘I don’t know’ to which Ellen asked again, but it seems that they genuinely do not know if the show will return. Although, many people hope that it does, including Ellen.

In addition, after joking about Langford’s adoration of Lady Gaga, Ellen surprised her with tickets to a Gaga concert along with backstage passes so that she could meet her. It was a late birthday gift for Langford who turned 21 this weekend.

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