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12 Days of TWD: 4 of our favorite relationships

Published on December 22nd, 2016 | Updated on December 22nd, 2016 | By FanFest

When most people think of the zombie apocalypse, they don’t exactly think romance, it’s usually just a lot of blood, guts, brains, and gore. While there have been instances in pop culture that did manage to bring love and the undead together; it’s never been achieved in the way it’s done in The Walking Dead.

For the last 7 seasons, fans have kept tuning in for the heart and soul of The Walking Dead, not just for shock value, and a lot of that heart and soul has come from the relationships we’ve seen develop in front of us. From the friendships that make us all sort of envy people trying to survive a zombie outbreak, to the love that transcends and brings hope to a hopeless world; TWD did it all.  It even covered the bad, the heartache, and the betrayal too, and managed to keep it interesting in the process.

From Michonne and Rick to Tara and Denise, here are four relationships on TWD that have stolen our hearts.

Denise and Tara:

While Tara has yet to learn the heartbreaking news of the death of her girlfriend, Denise, their relationship was one of the purest to come from The Walking Dead. Denise was a woman who wasn’t too sure of her own capabilities and seemed to lack confidence and a sense of self. Her character was lovely but it wasn’t something she saw in herself. Tara encouraged her and made her realize how strong she truly was, and a relationship based off of appreciation and building one another up is a beautiful one. While their time together was cut short, far too short, they’ll always be one of the show’s best couples. They were sweet and they were in love. Although Denise never got to tell Tara herself, she knew, and that’s what matters.

The death of Denise will be shocking and heartbreaking all over again when Tara has to face it but she’ll go on to join the ranks of the strong characters who carry the memories of thier loved ones with them everywhere they go.

Abraham and Sasha

Abraham’s last gesture to Sasha was one of the sweetest goodbyes on the show, and while their story didn’t deserve such a sad ending – especially since they never really had a true beginning – the seconds they had to prepare for their goodbye is more than some people get at all. Abraham dated Rosita and the pair cared deeply for each other; that much was obvious, but what brewed between Abraham and Sasha was on another level entirely.

Abraham and Sasha never had a chance to explore what was between them to the full extent, but when you look back on Abraham as a character, you see the love he had for Sasha, it was a strong part of who he was as their connection began to be further explored. We like to think, in some alternate universe, the pair would have lived out their happily ever after.

Rick and Michonne

The pairing between Rick and Michonne is the relationship that we may not have originally seen coming, but once the pieces started being put together, made absolutely perfect sense. From the beginning, Rick had to learn to face all the hard stuff on his own.  Even upon finding his family again and building a new one, he’s held a lot of weight on his shoulders without letting anyone help him through it. Michonne helped him through it, even before he realized she was doing it.

Another person that Michonne helped, and continues to, is Rick’s son Carl and that was part of what helped Rick to see Michonne for who she is and what she’s done. She’s brought strength to Rick and Carl too, and that’s part of what Rick loves most about her. She stands up for her own beliefs, she does so as she stands up for the people she loves and their beliefs too, and she’s brave. Perhaps best of all is the way that underneath her bravery is a beautiful compassion that heals, and Rick has found solace in that, and in her. For all the things she is, Rick helps make her better too.

Glenn and Maggie

Glenn and Maggie; hearing their names together is enough to make your heart drop and tears start to well up in your eyes. We still haven’t recovered from the loss of Glenn this season, and we likely never will. The love that the pair had was pure, and a lot of that purity came from the sweet and gentle heart that Glenn had. He loved Maggie in a way that made people wonder if he had any idea of what was going on around them at all. He believed in a future with her, he hoped for the best, and he imagined his life with her being a full one. Those things led to the time he did have with her being used to the full extent.

There was a beauty in their love that made you want the best for them too; we were all rooting for their happy ending, and when Maggie found out that she was expecting a child with Glenn, those hopes rose even higher. It was a beautiful little image, the three of them making it through this crazy world together, and while Glenn was taken in a tragic way, the love that they shared will survive. It’ll exist in Maggie, in their child, and in the way that Glenn was truly the hope and the spirit of the cast – that won’t ever be erased.

What is your favorite relationship from The Walking Dead? Any pairings you’re hoping for in the future? Let us know.

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