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‘Young Sheldon’ recap “A Party Invitation, Football Grapes and an Earth Chicken”

Missy got an invitation to Billy’s birthday party, Sheldon, however, wasn’t invited… Mary confronts Brenda who admits she doesn’t want her weird kid to hang out with the weirder kid.

Mary is worried about people not wanting Sheldon places but George feels he should get used to it. After all, Sheldon is a little off-putting.

That kid’s only other friend is a chicken and she’s worried about Sheldon?- George

Mary runs to Pastor Jeff, who luckily needed a sermon, about preaching the topic of being neighborly. This further angers Brenda into inviting Sheldon.

Sheldon doesn’t want to go to the party, so he dresses up as Mr. Spock to pretend he’s a neutral observer. In order for him to go dressed like that, he needs to interact with the other kids.

He ends up in the chicken coop with Billy. Billy plays along with Sheldon’s antics, he’s actually having fun. Brenda and Mary bond over their boys’ quirks and seem to patch things up. A chicken poops on Sheldon’s uniform and the fun is over.

'Young Sheldon' recap "A Party Invitation, Football Grapes and an Earth Chicken"
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Meemaw runs into John and he awkwardly invites her to coffee. She politely kind of declines the offer. John then calls George to hang out. John is really learning the meaning of “some other time.”

George feels bad, given Sheldon’s situation, and calls John to invite him over to watch football. John vents to George about Connie who reveals that she’s seeing a new guy. John hopes she’s happy while also wanting Dale to get lost at sea.

'Young Sheldon' recap "A Party Invitation, Football Grapes and an Earth Chicken"
Bill Inoshita/CBS

This episode was cute. Billy is a hoot and a half, isn’t he? His lines are so funny. This whole episode had great dialogue. I especially enjoyed Georgie interrupting Mary and George to prove a point that he deserves a TV in his room. Next week should be fun, seeing at the three Cooper Kids are working together.

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