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Xbox: Three Things To Do For A Successful 2020

Hey there Xbox peeps! As you known we’ve been thinking hard about what each major gaming company should do in order for 2020 to be a success. We have a few ideas as to what should happen, and we are dropping some of those today! Here they are.

1. Make Halo Great Again (Starting With Infinite)

This series is a sad tale at the moment. Ever since Bungie left making Halo games, Microsoft has failed to recapture the magic of the franchise. Halo 4 wasn’t terrible, but not terrific, sitting at a 7.0 Metacritic user score. Halo 5 didn’t fare any better, with a 6.4 user score. Both were critically successful with an 87 and 84, but you have to grab the people buying the games. In light of this, Halo isn’t the system seller it used to be. It would be in Microsoft’s best interest to get this series back where it needs to be.

2. Try to keep costs down

Look, power isn’t everything. That can be proven with PlayStation continuing to sell better than Xbox, even with the Xbox One X being the most powerful console on the market. In the end, while gamers will constantly argue about what is best, mom and dad will be the ones jump starting this system cycle. If PlayStation 5 comes in at one or two hundred dollars less, it’ll win again.

This is probably the reason we’re hearing rumors of a less powerful model of the Xbox launching alongside the Series X. It makes practical and fiscal sense. However, I don’t like the idea of splitting your market so early or making consumers choose between models.

3. Keep It Up With Game Pass, And Score A Big Third-Party Series X Game For It

I absolutely love Game Pass. I don’t think it works for every company, but it works wonderfully for Xbox. With one subscription I have access to every first party release at launch, and then some. They keep adding and adding, I mean, Grand Theft Auto V is available as of yesterday morning.

There are plenty of titles incoming for the Xbox One, but all eyes from here on out will be on the Series X. We know it will feature Halo Infinite, and full backwards compatibility is a thing. But wouldn’t it be great to turn on your Series X to find a full 10-15 game library at launch? Not all of them could be triple A, but what about something like say Watch Dogs Legion? Maybe Dying Light 2 or the Series X version of Cyberpunk 2077? That would turn heads.

That’s what we think Xbox should do to have a great 2020! What do you think? Are there any suggestions you have? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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