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“Is It Worth Free?” January’s PlayStation Plus Games

Hello Playstation Nation! We are past the final Wednesday of the month so you know what that means! PlayStation has pulled the sheet off of January’s Playstation Plus Games. My colleague Richard Allen wrote about what they are here, but we are going to check if they are worth the price, FREE.

*Disclamier — These games are only available with a PlayStation Plus subscription*

  • Steep (PS4)

Steep is an open-world snowboarding game trying to bring back the genre SSX made popular. It does not have much of a story, instead trying to give you the freedom to simply go out and do cool tricks. It suffers from some technical issues, but Steep is unique and snowboarder’s fantasy.

Is It Worth Free? – More or Less

Metacritic Score – 71

  • Portal Knights (PS4)

Portal Knights is cutesy dungeon crawler where you fight, loot, and craft your way through levels. The art style is vibrant, and the music is fantastic. The game may be a bit too whimsical for some and the child-friendly gameplay loop may get a bit boring for advanced players, but up to four player family friendly games do not exactly grow on trees.

Is It Worth Free? – More or Less

Metacritic Score – 71

  • Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3)

This game is a collection of PS2 mech action games made by the legendary Hideo Kojima. The stories are not anything to write home about, but the combat will make you wish for the exciting action of yesteryear. With a soundtrack to die for to counter bad frame rates, this is still a collection worth picking up.

Is It Worth Free? – Yep!

Metacritic Score – 73

  • Amplitude (PS3)

Just a quick disclaimer, I had to utilize the PS4 Metacritic page given the PS3 one was missing any forms of reviews. Given birth by a Kickstarter, Amplitude was the return of the PS2 cult classic from Harmonix. The creators of Rock Band made a rhythm game that consists of nearly the same, but jumping between different tracks with different instruments. It is mostly electronic music and has a beefy 30 tracks, but it is devoid of many big name artists. If you like Rock Band, this is a keeper.

Is It Worth Free? – Yep!

Metacritic Score – 74

  • Fallen Legion: Flames Of Rebellion (PS Vita, Crossplay with PS4)

Another game I ended up with a tough time finding press on, there was one review for us to go off of. Fallen Legion is a turn-based RPG borrowing heavily from Vanillaware games. This is not something to pick up if you want simple or quick, you are going at a game that is complex and slow. If you like the Odinsphere games, this one could be fun.

Is It Worth Free? – To The Right Person

Metacritic Score – 67

  • Super Mutant Alien Assault

Now we are talking! The name alone makes it sound great. Super Mutant Alien Assault is a 2D shooter with twelve levels where you play as a little robot with big guns. It may be tricky, short, and a bit rough, but it has charm going for it. It just may be one you play once.

Is It Worth Free? – Maybe

Metacritic Score – 50

What do you think of the newest lineup? Is there one in particular that tickles your fancy? Tell us about the new plus coming to your library in the comments.

Source: Flame Station