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“Is It Worth Free?” – February’s PlayStation Plus Games

Published on February 1st, 2019 | Updated on February 24th, 2019 | By FanFest

Hey guys, February’s PlayStation Plus Games have finally been announced! We have an awesome slate of stuff to play, even if it is a sad day given PS3 and PS Vita games will no longer be offered going forward. That does have me very intrigued with how next month will go, but this month we have to look and ask the question, “Is It Worth Free?”

*Disclaimer- As a reminder I always want to inform that these are only available with an active PS Plus subscription*

  • For Honor (PS4)

A strong opening! For Honor was critically enjoyed by most, even if it did have its issues as many Ubisoft games do at launch. The game was beautiful, and had one of the most interesting and different  melee combat systems around. This one is an online game, and even the campaign plays more like multiplayer matches, but it you want to try something that has grown into a great game, is still supported (has a year 2 pass available for purchase), and is extremely unique, try For Honor.

Is It Worth Free? – Yes

Metacritic Score – 78

  • Hitman: The Complete First Season (PS4)

Considering the developers went to another studio and made the sequel, I am not sure why we are still referring to this as the “first season”. It’s the only season. Originally released episodically, Hitman is a pleasure to play. The stealth mechanics work beautifully, there are tons of ways to assassinate your target, and the replayability is tremendous. This get is a win for Plus.

P.S. Totally just realized I own this on everything now.

Is It Worth Free? – Absolutely

Metacritic Score – 84

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)

Definitely wish this was cross-play/cross-buy with PS4. One of the great titles in the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Solid 4 was an instant hit when it release in 2008. The stealth gameplay is bar none, and even though you have to sit through an hour and a half cutscene at the end, the game still holds up today. Although if you are like me, I still do not really know what is going on in those games.

Is It Worth Free? Definitive Yes

Metacritic Score – 94

  • Divekick (PS3)

This is one of those odd titles I never planned on buying and figured I may play it if it went to Plus. Here is my chance. Divekick is a simple 2D fighting game where you have two options in the ring, dive or kick (see, because that’s its name). One hit and you win. Apparently even that and the fun humor the devs injected into it did not manage to win everyone over, but you already pulled your PS3 out to download MGS4, so you might as well have fun with this. Grab your extra controller out though, there is local co-op!

Is It Worth Free? Maybe, maybe not, but your PS3 is already out for MGS4 (yes, I know I made that joke already)

Metacritic Score – 65

  • Gunhouse (PS Vita, Crossbuy with PS4)

So this one is a first. Gunhouse is a game that released on PS Vita, but has also made it to mobile, PS4, and Switch. It fared well on the Switch, but the only review on Vita for this half puzzle half tower defense game says to stay away. That’s enough for me.

Is It Worth Free? Not if it was the last free Vita game (thankfully we have one more)

Metacritic Score – Nothing, but with one review ranking it 42

  • Rogue Aces (Ps Vita, Crossbuy with PS4)

This is a surprising one in that it release as of last year for the Vita. “Recent” and “Vita release” do not generally go in the same sentence. Anyways, Rogue Aces is a neat 2D air combat game with procedurally generated levels. The single review I found really enjoyed it, and while it may not be a complex flight simulator, the simplistic nature of it coupled with a fun “quest” system makes it worth a download.

Is It Worth Free? – For Sure!

Metacritic Score – Nothing, but one review for 83

There you are everyone! Your PS Plus lineup! Any of these you cannot wait to start on? Do you think this all-star lineup is what we can expect with the removal of last gen titles? Tell us your thoughts below!



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