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Will Jared Leto be Involved with an ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Reboot?

Earlier this week, director Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) announced that he is working with Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment on an Interview with the Vampire remake. Immediately, fans began to speculate over the casting, particularly who would be picked to play the role of Lestat de Lioncourt.

The role of Lestat, a.k.a. “The Brat Prince,” has been played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 version of Interview with the Vampire and by Stuart Townsend in the 2002 film, Queen of the Damned. but, it looks like Boone has his eyes set on none other than Jared Leto for the reboot role.

While nothing is official, just a few days ago, Boone tweeted out a picture of Leto (below) with a caption saying that there can only be one Lestat. If this were to actually happen, based on Leto’s track record with method- acting, can you imagine what this would mean for cast and crew on the set?

Leto seems like a perfect fit for the vain and sensual character and we hope this actually happens!

What do you think about Leto’s potential involvement with the reboot?

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