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‘Will & Grace’ Creator Tweets a Page from the Revival’s Script

We can’t wait to see what the upcoming revival of NBC’s Will & Grace has in store.  With the original main cast returning to television once more, you can be the characters will be back to their old hilarious hi-jinx and craziness that fans just love.  Thanks to the show’s creator, Max Mutchnick, fans were given just the tiniest bit of some insight into what is in store for the revival season.

Last Friday, Mutchnick tweeted a teaser of one single page of the script for an upcoming Will & Grace episode and, the written words are so hilarious, we can’t wait to see more!  Mutchnick tweeted, “W&G Writing Room on Hiatus. Stopped by the office to pick up my wig. #wigandgrace.”

The photograph in the tweet is what shows the script for an episode titled The Wedding.  The dialogue is between Jack and Will and, it appears Will is in need of a date to an upcoming wedding.  Jack, being “Just Jack” pitches an idea involving himself as Will’s date, Will getting plastered and then agreeing to lend Jack $1000 dollars.  Will promptly declines and then Karen enters with a monkey!  Picture that.  Karen WITH A MONKEY!!  Check out the dialogue below:

“JACK: I see where this going. You ask me to be your date, you drink too much, I’m disgusted, you feel uncomfortable and end up giving me money at the end of the night. I guess what I’m saying is, I need to borrow a grand. We can talk about it later when you’re plastered.


WILL: Jack, you read my mind. I guess I’ll go with Plan B. No date.




Unfortunately, that’s all we are going to get until the episode airs but, for true Will & Grace fans it’s enough to make your imagination run wild!!  Who’s getting married?  What crazy idea does Jack have now that involves borrowing money from Will?  Why does Karen have a monkey?  Honey, what’s this?  What’s happening?  What’s going on here?

Tune in to Will & Grace Thursdays nights at 9pm EST on NBC starting this fall to find out.  We can’t wait!

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