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Which Robin Died? Twitter May Have Told Us!

Lots of people have lots of complaints about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, one of the great things we can all agree on is that Zach Snyder did a wonderful job of setting up lots of stories. The set up that everyone was talking about even before the movie came out was the Robin suit on display in the bat cave.

Yesterday the Batman v Superman twitter page tweeted out that picture along with “Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?” This doesn’t seem like much of a spoiler unless you are a Batman nerd like myself. The relevance of the tweet is not just the words but the day it was tweeted.

April 27th which in comic history is the death date of JasonTodd.

Does the line in conjunction with the date and picture just imply his death, or that Jason Todd is no longer a good guy? In the comics Jason Todd is brought back to life after his brutal death at the hands of the Joker. His return to Gotham isn’t as wonderful as you would hope, he returns bitter that Batman hasn’t taken care of the Joker permanently. Jason assumes the identity of The Red Hood an identity many criminals have assumed including the Joker himself. Through lots of master manipulation Jason gets his show down with Batman and the Joker.

Does this clue mean our solo Batman movie will be Red Hood inspired? It is for sure an interesting story, with lots of mystery and drama. Also if that is Jason’s suit in the bat cave where is Dick Grayson? I just hope daily that the theory floating around the internet that The Joker is Jason.

Do you think all of this points the conformation that Jason is the Robin that Batman lost or just nerd bait from DC?

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