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When ‘Deadpool’s’ Bob Ross Trailer Gets LEGOfied

Is there a way that Deadpool’s teaser trailer can get any better? Of course, there is when it gets LEGOfied!

The first trailer for Deadpool 2 got released just a few weeks ago. We all have the merc with a mouth in our head with the whole Bob Ross imitation. Now, how would the last few seconds look like in the LEGO version of this teaser? You can see for yourself below.

The description reads:
“In a world consumed by malicious door mates. One maid from Brooklyn must build an alliance of Ikea furniture and rejected cereal mascots. They must build an unbreakable bond and conquer the shoe covered overlords. Watch the emotional tale here on Vidme.”


Huxley Berg Studios on YouTube is the maker of this fantastic video. They’ve got everything right from the trailer! Even the moment with Blind Al where Wade pushes her gun in the right way she needs to shoot. They also got the moment right where Negasonic Teenage Warhead shows off her attitude.

What do you think of this LEGOfied trailer?

Deadpool 2 will hit the theaters on June 1, 2018!



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