Deadpool Paints Us a Lovely Teaser Trailer For ‘Deadpool 2’

Welcome back folks. It’s almost the Holiday season, so it’s time to settle down, pull out your brushes, and paint yourself some happy little teasers…

That’s right! Ryan Reynolds, I mean Deadpool, I mean Wade Wilson (they’re all the same person) is back and is channeling his inner Bob Ross in this hilarious little short. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how they even recreate 90s quality VHS tapes in this teaser. Either way, what starts as a fun excuse to paint some trippy pictures and create new colors (ie: Mennen Black, Box Office Gold, Doc Brown, Betty White, etc) ends with our first look at footage from Deadpool 2.

Jokes and epic scenes aside, this as well as the previously released Thanksgiving Dinner portrait hint at a full trailer coming next week for Thanksgiving. In the small snippets we saw this time around, we see Negasonic sporting a new look, a bunch of other returning characters like Vanessa and Weasel as well as a quick glimpse at the new character Domino. Though as with all superhero properties, stay for the post credits, because it’s there that we get to see our first live action look at Cable… well his hand. But still!

All in all, Deadpool returning to our small – and big – screens just goes to prove that the most wonderful time of the year is truly returning! And the fact that Deadpool 2’s first few promotional items have all been artist based (the Thanksgiving portrait is based on a Norman Rockwell painting), makes this all the better and shows how creative the team behind Deadpool is! Now get out there fellow Deadpainters, and make your own happy little trees. Just remember, don’t eat the paint….

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