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WATCH: Stephen Amell Dominate ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course

All that vigilante training has certainly paid off! One thing that Stephen Amell is known for in his role as Oliver Queen on the CW series Arrow, is his iconic ‘salmon ladder’ workout routine. American Ninja Warrior has released a clip of Stephen Amell’s first few events as he runs the epic obstacle course as part of an appearance in the show’s Red Nose Day celebrity episode. Ever since he first announced the news earlier this year, fans across the Arrowverse were ecstatic. Stephen, who does an extreme amount of fitness training along with a lot of his own stunts, not only made the course look easy… but extremely fun as well! For years Stephen has expressed that he would love to try out the extremely challenging course, and that day has finally arrived!

Stephen is no stranger to the arena scene. Last year, he took on Cody Rhodes aka Stardust in the ring in a special WWE RAW event. This year, he continued with that ‘arena trend’. Each celebrity participating in the event is partnered with an elite Ninja who coaches them.  Kacy Catanzaro, who was partnered with Stephen, was the first woman to qualify for the finals on the show.

Stephen, you certainly have NOT failed this arena!

Check out the clip below:




Sources: ScreenRant

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