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WATCH: ‘Star Wars’ Stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega Surprise Fans in ‘Force for Change’ Videos

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!  Today, fans all across the world celebrate the film phenomenon that brings all of us nerdy folk together, Star Wars!  The original film is turning 40 years old this month!  Can you believe it?  And, after all this time, the franchise is still producing great films and making fans happy !  It really is amazing!  What’s even more amazing is the philanthropic side of the franchise (trust us, this side is waaaaay cooler than the Dark Side).

You’ve probably already heard of the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative.  Just in case you haven’t, it’s a charitable initiative set forth by Disney and Lucasfilm in an effort to do as much good as humanly possible throughout the world.  Force for Change encourages fans of the films to band together and, quite literally, become forces for change in their every day lives.  By running different charitable campaigns, the initiative raises money for different charities.  In its current phase, Force for Change is teaming up with Omaze to raise money for UNICEF.  They recently released a slew of awesome incentives which you could win simply by participating in their campaigns.  The incentives involve epic, once-in-a-lifetime Star Wars experiences including meeting the cast.

For some particular fans, however, Force for Change came up with a more creative and fun way to thank some very lucky fans.  In the following two videos, watch as fans are surprised by members of the cast.

First, John Boyega photo-bombs cos-players taking pictures at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando from earlier this year.


The second video is truly awesomeness of epic proportions.  These super Star Wars fans think they are getting the opportunity to recreate some iconic scenes from the film in front of a blue screen.  What they didn’t count on was Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, joining in on the action.  Absolute hilarity ensues as these fans are completely surprised by someone who is probably one of their idols.  Check it out!


For more information on the Force for Change and Omaze campaign, you can check out their website HERE.  Consider making a donation and joining a campaign and help continue the ideology that George Lucas put forth:

“Heroes come in all sizes, and you don’t have to be a giant hero. You can be a very small hero. It’s just as important to understand that accepting self-responsibility for the things you do, … [such as] caring about other people–these are heroic acts. Everybody has the choice of being a hero or not being a hero every day of their lives. You don’t have to get into a giant laser-sword fight and blow up three spaceships to become a hero.”

– George Lucas, Interview with Bill Moyers in Time, 1999

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