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Watch: Make ‘The Mandalorian’s’ Baby Yoda

Everyone wants their own Baby Yoda but Disney is very slow to get the toys to the market, with much of the Baby Yoda toys not arriving until this summer. Youtuber, Rachel Masky, took it upon herself to make her own.

Masky said, “his is the best thing I’ve ever done and it’s all downhill from here”

If you’re like us, the cutest thing you’ve seen in 2019 is Baby Yoda. And yes, we know it’s not THE Yoda, but it’s what the internet has named this cute little green force using fifty-year-old baby. So, we’ve spent way too much time on the internet and Baby Yoda fan art is all we are looking at today. Let’s share some of our favorites!

Baby Yoda was definitely a surprise and a demand for merchandise immediately followed his appearance. However, the initial wave of Disney merchandise was less than desirable, a plush and pop vinyl figures will be released later in the summer of 2020.

The Mandaloridan continues to be a Star Wars production that all critics and fans are agreeing is a solid piece of storytelling from the franchise.

What are your thoughts on the Baby Yoda build? Are you going to take a shot at making one yourself?


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