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WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Video of ‘The Fast and The Furious 8’ Car Stunt

Filming for Fast 8 is really starting to heat up!  And we mean that literally.  Earlier this week, we showed you one of the super hot stunts recently filmed for the production.  Today, the Fast 8 crew has released a new behind-the-scenes clip of how that stunt, which they call “Zombie Cars”, was actually created using movie magic (and a half a dozen cars falling from the sky).

In this particular stunt, the crew sets up high above the rest of the filming location which is littered with 30 to 40 smashed, piled up cars on top of sophisticated pyrotechnics.  Using cranes and precision measurements, the team hurls the cars, described by Special Effects Supervisor J.D. Schwalm as 3,000 pound lawn darts, straight off of the side of an abandoned parking structure.  The whole effect looks crazy cool, especially when the stunt men and women are added into the scene where the cars are falling.

Check it out:

We can certainly say that the new Fast 8 will be explosive!  Fast 8 is scheduled to race into theaters on April 14, 2017 and, later this summer, you can catch the original Fast and the Furious film, for a limited amount of time, at a theater near you.

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